Friday, September 27, 2013


Lots of Doog pictures this week. In addition to having some deadlines moved up, he's becoming more patient with having his picture taken. It used to be that as soon as I reached for my iPhone, he'd scamper off, but now I can pick up my Canon and he'll sit still, even if I'm just a few feet away.

We're planning to do another run of T-shirts, with a new logo, for the holiday season. More information as it becomes available!


James Lastest said...

This is wonderful. I am still looking every day for new pictures.
DR is still my most beloved and favorite place in the internet after so many years.

Furbeast said...

Them are some mighty tasty lookin' cords conveniently located at Dougal height!

Fleetie said...

Ha, I use Canon camera gear too! One would hope Bill is using L-series lenses to capture Dougal's handsomeness!

As for The Doogster, he is looking mighty fine here! He's inquisitively looking right at us, AND he he has directed his antenna-like ear in our exact direction! He is carefully scanning us for signs of active stoopidity. I don't think it'll be very long before that ear hears what he expects to hear from us.

In the meantime, we would do best to keep it zipped and quietly admire Dougal's bunny good looks!

bunny mummy said...

What a ham!

Rabbits' Guy said...

What else would a camera be for???

speedyrabbit said...

Beautiful Dougal!is all I can say,xx Rachel

Wendy said...

Can't wait for the new T-Shirts!

Fleetie said...

I fear Queen Cinnamon might have sagely advised: "It's called 'white balance'. You should look into it."! :-)

That aside, this is a beautiful picture of Doog! It's almost an opposite of the previous one, in which he looked very serious; stern even. In this picture he just looks amazingly cute!

And his head-shape looks totally different here! Kinda ovoid! But he is watching and listening to us closely! He may look super-cute here, but we had still better not be stoopid in his presence!

Kelly Moore said...

What a soulful photo of Dougal!

TechNeilogy said...

I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing pictures of Dougal! My Mr. B also hates the camera, and my Kindle as well. I think they make some kind of high-pitched noise that bothers him.

sallyneary said...

Oh this profile is coin-ready! Dougal Augustus!

Fleetie said...


That's almost certainly wrong, since I'm not sure whether audire and videre take the accusative case.

Or maybe this?


It is a *very* long time since I did Latin!

But I do approve of the idea of Dougal's likeness adorning coins and paper currency, and stamps. He'd have to be exhibiting an expression of suitable gravity and decorum!

Renee Nefe said...

I would love a DR calendar. Any chances?

janet2buns said...

He exhibits gravity, decorum and a modicum of contempt!

Kelly Moore said...

Google Translate did an interesting job on your Latin, Fleetie! It saw the "all seeing, all hearing" (I'm guessing...) as "video, all applicants".

I'm impressed that you actually "did" Latin though. All that I know is liturgical Latin and on the extreme flip side of that, I've sung the "Carmina Burana".

I'm in total agreement that his likeness should adorn currency. Since our government is evidently running out of money tonight, perhaps it's time to mint Dougal....

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

Dougster!! ... and new shirts!!

Fleetie said...

Yes. I was in the last year in England to do O-levels; they started GCSEs the year after that.

I got a grade A in Latin O-level! (Brag, brag!)

But 27 years of Latin inactivity have reduced my knowledge of Latin to near-zero, I fear.

But it did teach me *concepts* that I will always remember, i.e. nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, ablative. Then things like vocative, passive, gerundives (-> Amanda, memorandum, Miranda, corrigenda and others I forget now) and so on, almost all of which can be useful in understanding English and other languages. So it was worth it for that alone.

And it helps one to understand where Latin-derived English words come from; what they really mean in the Latin original senses of the words, like "transfer", "translate", "innocent" and so on.

But none of the above help one to speak Rabbit!

Few, if any hoomins are fluent in Rabbit! Not surprising since we are so stoopid!

sallyneary said...

Accusative is correct there Fleetie(direct object), but also fitting because a rabbit always seems accusative, don't you think?

I too have forgotten much of my Latin beyond hic, haec, hoc. Too many passwords to remember--all the fun stuff gets pushed out.

If we do go to the rabbit standard, I think we could also put Cinnamon on a coin--a Cinnamon and a Dougal, like a Loonie and a Toonie (Twonie?)

Fleetie said...

Sally: I think the line after that was "hunc, hanc, hoc", or something?

And then, IIRC, there was also:

is ea id
eum eam id
. . .
. . .

And that's where my memory stops!

One of our Latin teachers had an unfortunate notoriety: The word was that you didn't wanna be sitting in the front row. Apparently when he got going and had warmed to his subject, he'd accidentally send forth droplets of spit as he spoke enthusiastically!

Which rumour helped us, well, me at least, remember our imperfect Latin endings, cos when he chanted out those, BANGING on a desk as he went, the spit-shower was particularly torrential:

-BAM !
-BAS !
-BAT !
-BANT !!!

Yes, of course it goes without saying that any currency or stamps would feature Queen Cinnamon on some denominations; probably the highest ones!

As in "You'll never be able to afford one of these banknotes (, hoomin!)"

Brandi B. said...

Dougal disapproves of Apple. That simple. Hehehe.

sallyneary said...

Kelly, I think "video-all applicants" would be a fun weird thing to put on currency.

Katie said...

What a beauty he is! Thank you for posing so nicely, Dougal! Looking forward for t-shirt news :D Great jobs guys, DR is the best site on the internet. Take as many breaks as you need to, you've earned them!