Monday, July 29, 2013


Socks with sandals? I expected nothing less.

Thanks, Jordan!


Fleetie said...

Quite right, Sophie!

Hoomins have very bad taste in footwear sometimes. It even makes me cringe a lot of the time.

Bunnies have the whole thing sorted, with their lovely cute furry paws and feetsies!

I mean, they'd look wrong on a hoomin (the hoomin is much too ugly to have bunny feet), but on bunnies, they look just right!

The best you can hope for, Sophie, is to try to train your hoomin with *THUMP!*s and nips until the hoomin sorts out the footwear failings!

Captcha : ugstly !!!

Jordan said...

Sophie does thump a lot. Thumpiest bunny I've ever known, as a matter of fact.

brandi said...

I got a weakness for the floofters...Sophie is so FLOOOOOOOOOFY...

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

You can't have her, Brandi. You wouldn't want to have her. She insulted me. My entire repertoire of foot wear consists of a pair of sandals which I always wear with socks, sometimes matching, sometimes not. Who is it going to be, Brandi? A smarty pants little bunn or a Texas-ex who uses big words?

sallyneary said...

Oh Sophie, be glad you don't live in the Pacific Northwest, where socks-n-sandals is rampant and even respectable! I have been known to sport that look myself.

Furbeast said...

It's a rare day when one encounters a bunny who is wider than she is tall.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Well Sophie - at least they are REI official smart-wool hiking certified fair traded socks of a nice natural beigy-green color instead of those awful white 12 pairs for $8 Costco ones!.

brandi said...

Jane, never ask a question that you KNOW, or even suspect, will result in an answer you do not want to hear.

My Devotional Hierarchy:

1. Jesus
2. Mary, Queen of Heaven
3. Is a tie between Lagomorphs and Bug, my Stinky Chihuahua Princess
4. These United States of America
5. The National Rifle Association
6. The University of Oklahoma Sooners

I know you might be wondering where my family fits into this list. They fluctuate depending on a lot of variables, including (I am ashamed to say) hormone levels at any given time of the month. I have a houseful of males and this is to be expected.


Plantgrrl said...

Oh Sophie! My dear, dear nerd husband and I are from the PNW. I've desperately been trying to break him of the socks and sandals habit. A dirty, dirty lack of fashion. He claims his feet get "sweaty" without the socks (in SANDALS?!). I need you to come over and break him of it. Our fluff children are desperately lacking in the fashion judgement department.

speedyrabbit said...

Better come and live with us Sophie no sandle and socks here my girl just Speedy!xx Rachel

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

Holly whiskers! Must, risk, limb, gots to gots to gots to snurgle :-)