Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The worst part of summer?
All the happy humans.

Thanks, Kristina!


Fleetie said...

Marley is clearly more than capable, if he so chooses, of casting a black cloud over any stoopid hoomin's day.

He Disapproves Of the fact that on sunny days, there are loads of hoomins spoiling the fields, meadows and grass spaces. Hoomins, trampling and squashing the grass and dandelions. This Will Not Do.

Marley plans to Dig Holes In the grass. Deep holes. And then cover up the tops with grass and turf. And then he will settle down at the edge of the field to watch the stoopid hoomins fall all the way down!

He will *THUMP!* with mirth at the demise of each and every one! And then, if he feels like it, he will hop up to the edge of each hole, and poop down into it! And then *THUMP!* with mirth again!

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

... and if the hoomin tries to come out, Marley will jump on his head and do unpostable things to it. Like on that '10 Reasons Bunnies are ...' unpostable video.

Fleetie said...

Ha ha ha! Serve the stoopid hoomin right!

Susan said...

aww Marley, can you not spare a few days off for us pitiful humans

speedyrabbit said...

good job I don't go in fields then!

Rabbits' Guy said...

What a party pooper. Lighten up Marley. Try meditation.

Fleetie said...

Yep, Marley reserves, and will exercise, the right to poop at any and all parties thrown by hoomins, including, but not limited to:

Bar Mitzvahs
Social (play music, drink, get wasted) parties
Business / Company "Do"s

In fact:

If your party needs a-pooping
Just call Renta-Marley

(Apols to "Rentaghost")

brandi said...

Right, Fleetie. And just to show that Marley is an equal opportunity pooper and holds no prejudice or bias based on country of origin, creed, religion, gender, age, disability, or religion, she will be happy to poop on all secular, religious, and bank holidays at a discount. Active military, veterans of foreign wars, senior, and group discounts available.

Marley poops on Easter for free.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

But didn't your namesake say something about the good times of today being the sad thoughts of tomorrow?

janet2buns said...

Marley wishes reprimand hoomins in a paraphrased song: "You'd better worry about everything, 'cuz no little thing will be all right"

Fleetie said...

Janet : I knew your lyric quote reminded me of a song last night, but I was tired, so soon gave up trying to make the connection.

This morning, the penny dropped straight away. I see what you did there, now!

But I'm still a stoopid hoomin!


Ouch! Marley! Ooof! (Staggers off, clutching head....)