Friday, June 28, 2013

Marley & Monk

We're instituting "weak end." Which means you.

Thanks, Kristina!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Boy. There are two very distinct phases of disapproval. I wonder what they are called and how many phases there are? (Come on folks - we have all weekend....)

brandi said...

Monk looks disgusted. Must be a hairless ape fouling the air.
And I would like to know what you all doopid beans have done to warrant a second visit from Marley and Monk in these last thirty or so days. Where we on Double Secret Probation???
I know it could not have been me or any of the Ladies in Vans AKA Summer Gypsy Caravan 2013, because we are all clinically insane, or so we are told, and Rabbits That Disapprove are very lenient to Rabbit Lovers who are bat-poop crazy.
So it had to be one of YOU!!! (glaring RG's direction)

Fleetie said...

Following our dreadful showing at their last visit, these two strict Disapprovers have deemed it necessary to check up on us again, to make sure that we have improved after, it is to be hoped, having been suitably chastened last time.

Regrettably, they find that we are too stoopid to have understood that their Disapproval meant that we should wake up and feel the Disapproval.

Marley and Monk are disappointed and Disapproving, but not surprised.

They will need to unleash harsher measures to reform us. It's the only way we'll understand.

Come on, people! We're in real trouble if these two open up on us! It could be poop cannons, random bitings, *THUMP*ed heads, goodness knows what.

Our sh.., erm, "poop" just got REAL!

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

RG, I am sorry to have to ask, but for the less discriminating among us (me), could you explain "phases of disapproval." For me it's always just been "whammy," but I would like to learn more, savor life, be a connoisseur, make interesting conversation...please help.

Fleetie said...

I doubt that Marley and Monk approve of the way that fake digital "blur" has been applied to their fine ears, and other parts of their picture.

Is that Instagram or something? Or did someone get overzealous in Photoshop?

Cos Marley and Monk are gonna get overzealous with their Disapproval!

Captcha : contempt byQirts

speedyrabbit said...

two interesting characters there we shall have to improve on our ability to serve!

janet2buns said...

Marley and Monk disapprove strongly of Canada Day long weekend. What could hoomins, Canadian or otherwise, have done to earn a holiday Monday?? Nothing, that's what!! A celebration of the signing of some papers of confederation?? Pish posh! Marley and Monk expect Business As Usual on Monday and every day!! Hoomins belong to the Nation of Rabbits as lowly underlings and owe their allegiance to nothing else! Those hoomins that expect some kind of holiday on July 4th are sorely mistaken too! Start scrubbing those litter pans!

Rabbits' Guy said...

The two bunnies here are displaying "Disgust" and "Disbelief". I do know "Whammy" and "Despair" and .. well .. come to think about it .. I suppose "Disapproval" sort of covers it maybe. I better just get back to work ...

Fleetie said...

I was wondering whether there might be phases of Disapproval like the phases of the Moon.

Monk seems to be coming up to Full Disapproval.

Marley is currently at a bit less than Half Disapproval.

As for New Disapproval : Don't bother breathing a sigh of relief: It just means that the buns are getting ready for another round of Disapproval Of us.

Fleetie said...

Actually, that reminds me of the well-known song by Bunny Tyler, called Total Eclipse Of The Hoomin!

Fleetie said...

...Which features the phrase "Turn around, Bright-Eyes".