Monday, June 10, 2013

Evie and Pippin

The Food Delivery System 
is looking at us again.

Thanks, Mae!


Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

... and it's late with treats, as usual. You think it might be in need of overhaul?

Quite so, needs a new head most likely. Shall we lop this one off? Doesn't seem to be using it anyway. Carrot patch could use some fresh fertilizer, don't you agree?

almtsbb said...

No, on second though, let's replace it with a new model.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hey - at least you have delivery!

janet2buns said...

"It's obviously defective; probably a design flaw. Is it still under warranty?"

Fleetie said...

"Have you got the remote control? I wanna put it into "standby" mode. I don't like it standing there like that, watching us. And I'm not sure it's even meant to do that anyway. And it didn't do the BunChores very well, like the advert said it would.

Maybe we should switch it off, put it back in its box, and take it back to the shop, We might have to pay more to get a better model. If there is one. Maybe next year they'll release a better model that actually CAN do BunChores.

What? They don't take returns? You're kidding. Hmm. Well maybe we can use this one as a doorstop or something. Or put it out in the garden to scare the birds away from our veggies. This thing would scare anything away! Why didn't they give it fur or proper ears? And look at its knees! I think they put our Hoominator's knees on the wrong way round! I Disapprove of the quality control at the Hoominator factory."

Furbeast said...

Let's check with Apple, they announced the release of an updated version today with a faster processor and longer battery life. I really hate how the one we got only lasts 16 hours before needing an 8 hour recharge, and even then it runs really slow.

Sometimes they give a discount on a new one if you bring in an old one, even if it doesn't work. If not, we'll just dump it in the trash, the recycling center won't take it.

speedyrabbit said...

maybe they are awaiting new orders?

brandi said...

The "food delivery system" has become self-aware.
Sentience has always been debated among the philosophical lagomorphs since the domestication of man. Do humans have a soul? Lagomorph theologians cry blasphemy at such an idea; humans were meant to serve, and nothing more. No higher function is possible, or needed. The fundamentalists have accused the human sympathizers of becoming too emotionally involved with their slaves, enjoying interaction with humans. These leftist lagomorphs perhaps have become too dependent on their lackeys, say the conservatives.
Are the humanists correct? Is there a Ghost in the Machine? Can humans evolve?
Or are lagomorphs playing Frith, and shall be doomed to suffer the fate of heretics?

Fleetie said...

Well, Evie and Pippin, here's a well-known maintenance technique to get unreliable machinery (like domestic Hoomins) working again:

Give it a darn good*THUMP!*ing!

Of course, you risk destroying the machine if you do it too hard or for too long, but hey... If it's broken anyway, what have you got to lose by trying?

Tom said...

We kid ourselves, but deep down we know that's what they're thinking.

Susan said...

It is hard not to look.. they are so cute. I know they disapprove but I can't resist.