Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I sensed a disturbance in the Force, as if 
there was a single human attempting to think.

Thanks, Merry!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Wasn't me Wally. Too early here for that thinking stuff. I'm just head-down feeding bunnies breakfast.

brandi said...

I'm thinking that Wally is just dreamy kyoooooooot and I want to snorgle those little ears...before I saw his picture, I was thinking about ways to hide a body.

speedyrabbit said...

Now why would some silly human try to think?silly billies

Fleetie said...

Bunnies can sense thought-waves from all creatures. Mainly from each other; it's part of how they communicate.

When a bunny "hears" another bunny's thoughts, they can communicate without speaking, and the "sound" of bunnies' thoughts is beautiful and harmonious. It is calm; it is gentle; it is wise; it is silly and playful; it is close and sympathetic.

But when a bunny "hears" a hoomin trying to think, it is an almost deafening cacophony that almost drowns out more worthy thoughts from bunnies. It is like the sound of an old piano being lobbed out of a 2nd floor window onto the road. Every second!

It is like claws scraping down a blackboard. It is like old rusty machinery that hasn't turned for decades being forced to turn again - a harsh SCREEECH of metal against metal.

It goes right through a bunny! Bunnies wince at it.

And at the end of all that cacophony, nothing useful is achieved! Hoomin thoughts fail. They never really get off the ground. A fearsome racket, and all in vain.

This is what bunnies have to put up with when hoomins try to think!

Furbeast said...

A disturbance in the BunForce. A very slight disturbance. A disturbance so minor it barely registers on the most sensitive of whiskers. Sort of like a 1 watt lightbulb trying to flicker on for a moment.

Nah, must have been Wally's imagination. Back to napping.

Merry&Wally said...

That was Wally at 6 months old, now he's three and half! The disapproval is still very strong in this one. There may be an inverse correlation between disapproval and ear length.
- Wally's Hoomin

janet2buns said...

Wally's hoomin: Some say the smaller the bun, the more concentrated the disapproval. It certainly seems true in Wally's case.

janet2buns said...

Hoomins certainly jam the metaphysical air waves when we try to think. It would be so much better for everybun if we just left the thinking to the bunnies.