Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I found your gate an momentary distraction. 
Much like your existence.

Thanks, Meagan!


Fleetie said...

"Ah, hoomin bean! Immediately I deduce that you adorn your ugly body with pieces of cloth, which you do out of some deep inner shame at being furless.

You also wear those "clothes" to hide the fact that you have no tail. Your mode of self-propulsion is awkward and ungainly, because your arms are not in proportion to your legs, forcing you to walk upright rather than being able to hop and run on four stable legs like rabbits can. This problem is also compounded by the fact that your knees bend the wrong way, making for a most unsightly and clumsy gait.

No wonder you are often miserable and grumpy, because you cannot binky and you can only communicate with other hoomins as stoopid as yourself.

You perpetually fiddle with pieces of stuff to which you assign names like "com-pu-terr" and "telly-phone" and "telly-vizhun", all because you lack the imagination to amuse yourselves and each other.

All of these things and more, I deduce from the mere observation of your species.

Elementary, my stoopid hoomin!

Now get going! There are BunChores to be done!"

Fleetie said...

Sherlock also points out that nature has many species of bean.

And the most primitive member of that family is the hoomin bean!

It doesn't even taste nice to eat!

Furbeast said...

I am extremely flattered and gratified the handsome rexy Sherlock finds momentary distraction in hoomanity. I thought we were completely ignored.

brandi said...

Yes, monkeys and chimps would be preferable to hoomins as primates go, since they have hair and articulate better than us filthy beans.
Surprisingly, their (monkeys) potty habits are not as hygienic as ours, and we breed faster, which makes us the logical choice for servicing The All Powerful and Great Lagomorph Overlords.
I don't know about you guys, but I feel better knowing I was chosen over a monkey.

janet2buns said...

That baby/bunny gate looks familiar! It's the same type that Drizzle chewed a Drizzle-sized hole in, and escaped into our bedroom. HRH Queen Phoebe was incensed at being left behind! The nerve of him!

Drizzle thought we were particularly stoopid in thinking such a flimsy (and delicious) gate would slow him down.

Rabbits' Guy said...

That keeps the riff raff out, right Sherlock?

bunfan said...

@ Brandi - Relieved to see your post today! I was hoping you made it through yesterday unscathed and are able to carry out your Bun Slave duties uninterrupted!!

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

It's rough being a silly hoomin bean. One comes across a snurglelicious mouf like Sherlock's and all remnants of cognitive activities cease. One want's to snurgle at once, consequences fail to register.

brandi said...
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brandi said...

Thanks for thinkin' of me!!! Bunchores wait for no natural disaster!

Fleetie said...

Sherlock is a Very Attractive Rabbit.

But I can't help wondering whether that frowny disapproving mouf is so frowny because he badly needs some SWWW IHBF!

Anyone think it's worth a go?!

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Fleetie, you will be held responsible for incitement and all consequences of the ensuing stampede should you continue such suggestions.

speedyrabbit said...

I'll give it a go anytime and give the Rexy bunny a big snorgle and a big snuggle to boot as soon as Speedy has a word with him to be gentle with me...I'd like to stay in one piece for Speedy's sake of course,xx Rachel