Thursday, May 23, 2013


Only one reference to rabbits!?

Thanks, Art!

And now a short commercial! Sharon has a new book out titled
1001 Secrets Every Birdwatcher Should Know! 
It has over 170 pages of bird tips, with color photos, and birding advice!

You can order a signed copy directly from the Birdchick herself, or pick up a copy online or at your local bookseller!

Here's the trailer for the book, directed by Bill:


Rabbits' Guy said...

UUUUOOoohhhhhhhh! A "Tell All"!!!!

I asked our local Birding store to get it on the shelf!

brandi said...

Heh heh he he heh...that guy said penis...

Mz. Millie left a few "opinions" about the one reference to rabbits.

I saved a baby starling and became so bonded to him that when he died, I cried for a week. My favorite thing to do was hold him in my hands and snorgle his little warm chest and neck and smell his feathers. He smelled like warmth and a little like ground peppercorns, it was a bit of a sharp, spicy kind of smell. He was my Sugar Baby Tweet Tweet, and I loved him so much. He even slept in a little basket on a washcloth that I would hold next to me under the covers. He was a cuddle-bird. I remember when he learned to catch flies in mid-air, I was so proud of him! I miss him like crazy and still cry a little when a starling cheeps at me outside.

rvman said...

"Birder". Not "Birdwatcher".

Rabbits' Guy said...

That's why he is NBB!

Sammie's Mom said...

I'm so disappointed Dougal didn't make an appearance in your trailer!! :(
Congrats on the new book!!

speedyrabbit said...

congrats on the book love Millie

janet2buns said...

Maybe Dougal is a birder too and is too busy watching out the window to waste time getting his picture taken. HRH Phoebe and Prince Consort Drizzle thoroughly disapprove of the starlings that land on our deck.....THUMP! Those pointy beaks do not look friendly.

Art D. said...

Millie is terribly excited to be here again

brandi said...

Starlings have soft beaks. My tweet tweet used to rub his on wood. He also gave kisses and loved when I stuck his beak in my mouth and pretended to eat it.

bunny mummy said...

The foreword is by Dougal, no doubt?

Fleetie said...

This book is giving Millie ideas!

She is pondering releasing her own book, but for rabbits:

101 Ways to Confuse, Irritate, and Frustrate Your Hoomin

By Millie Rabbit

For example:

Lay a long trail of chewed-up bits of hay or cardboard leading all around the house. And when the stoopid hoomin reaches the end of it, they will find not you, their belived bunny and master, but a pile of poops to be cleaned up!

Find the landline telephone and your hoomin's mobile number. Then, repeatedly use the landline phone to ring your hoomin's mobile. (This does take practice.) When your hoomin answers their mobile phone, just *THUMP!* the landline phone so your hoomin hears a massive *THUMP!* at the other end. Particularly effective if your hoomin is at work, in a meeting, on a date, etc. etc..

Infuriate your hoomin by hiding their shoes, hats, and other items of clothing. This works best if you do it just as the hoomin is about to put them on: The hoomin has fetched the article of clothing from wherever it is usually stored, and put it on (for example) the bed for a minute or two. If you have one or more companion rabbits living with you, this is easier: Arrange a noisy distraction to make your hoomin leave the dressing room and investigate the noise or other distraction. Then, while the hoomin is occupied, YOINK the hat, underwear, or shoe, etc., and hide it somewhere that the hoomin will take ages to find. Then sneak off and look asleep in one of your usual nap spots. Try to look innocent when the hoomin finds their clothing and then finds you!

I think Millie's book might do well!

Fleetie said...

^ ...their BELOVED bunny and master... ^

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Fleetie, do you really want to be credited by Millie in the preface of a book that completely ruins our lives. The important word here is "completely." They are pretty ruined already. What makes you think she will stop at 101? You haven't heard of The 1001 Nights? Given any thought to the year being 2013?

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Sharon, we all wish you and your book the greatest success. I just want to say by way of remembering a simpler, happier time in my life, that it was by way of birds that bunnies came into my life. I had come completely involuntarily to have birds to care for, and foolish mortal, even though I had hours of quality time scratching little bird heads, I still wanted to have something to pet. Then I heard about house rabbits. Yes, soft and fluffy and they don't eat birds - perfect right? Well, no. Bunnies do not like to share their hay. They are very territorial. Well, to make a long story short, they disapprove of birds. Ours fly freely about the house. When you sign my copy, please make it out to "Betrayed by Bunnies."

Katie said...

Wow! Lili Taylor and Paul Cornell!!

I am now tempted to plant some sunflowers.

Elsewhere said...

Foreword by Bill Oddie!! That's great by itself! Congrats, Sharon, looks and sounds like a great book.