Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Only if it's raining and the septic 
tank's backed up into the kitchen.

Thanks, Emma!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Ah Ha! So THAT's how that wad of hay that clogged the sewer pipe got in there. And I got soaked going out to muck it out. When we had a houseful of company.

Gott Danged Rabbits. Thanks for reminding me Gracie.

brandi said...


Fleetie said...

Gracie has got us hoomins figured out; she knows exactly what we are worth!

I wonder what we did (or didn't do) that made her realise!

brandi said...

Fleetie, it was our smell. It reminded her of raw sewage. That got her to thinking of the septic tank, which put her to mind of the last time it backed up into the kitchen sink.
She put it all together on a corkboard with red string, you know, like in the movies when a cop is trying to tie events and people together with gruesome crime scene photos.
Our Gracie is methodical.

speedyrabbit said...