Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Swimsuit Season!

Thanks, Michelle!


Tria Connell said...

crappy morning so far... then i saw your post today!!!
Too funny!!
it's nice to laugh out loud!

Courtney said...

My eyes! Oh, the humanity! What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Yep, Jim has done an amazing job of capturing the yearly horror that is swimsuit season. Someone needs an extra noogie and some treat therapy STAT!

Renee said...

That's just about how I feel about it, too! Too funny!

Rabbits' Guy said...

It's probably gonna be a long one too, Jim, what with global warming and all. Better keep your disapproval tanks full to the brim.

J. said...

You don't pull that mask of the old Lone Ranger,
And you don't mess around with Jim.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Well, I just don't think that is nice at all. Well, actually, it does look pretty spontaneous...hmmm, just so the bunny knows that there are a lot of things that neither bunnies nor humans can help. Just so he understands...there is a big difference between being caught off guard and being rude.

Michelle Lammi said...

That's my Jim. He's an old man. Almost 10 years old.

Thankfully we live in Finland, where swimming season is short. So Jim doesn't need to be horrified for too long :)

Greetings, Michelle and Jim

Michelle Lammi said...
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Rabbits' Guy said...

I hear the Finns are pretty happy people. Jim and his cohorts must have a really hard time abusing them - or maybe the Finns just don't pay attention any more.

brandi said...

Well, now Jimbo, please specify why you object so to swimsuit season. Is it the vastness of ghostly, sickly, pasty white, winter-dry skin? Is it the tightness of the bathing suit biting into the doughy glob of overhanging flesh? Could it be the razor bumps from long neglected unshaved legs/bikini lines? How about the mounds of gooseflesh exposed to the spring chill? Or is it just the dry, cracked, neglected feet that will need a pedicure in the worst way before flip flops are an acceptable option for summer footwear?
Please, love, be very specific and validate my regression to my eighth grade negative body image.

Fleetie said...

Hoomin Charge Sheet
(Check as appropriate to the offence(s))

[✓] Pasty white furless skin
[✓] Overhanging flesh
[✓] Unshaven legs
[✓] Goosebumps
[✓] Cracked feet/heels
[✓] Hoomins are stoopid
[✓] Hoomins' ears look stoopid
[✓] Hoomins only deserve disapproval
[✓] Hoomins are an embarrassment
[✓] In short, you're screwed, Bozo
[✓] All of the above
[✓] And more


You have been accused of one or more offences of outraging rabbits. Your case will be processed in BunCourt and a Justice Rabbit will pronounce sentence. Failure to appear will constitute resisting arrest and contempt of court, which offences will be added to those detailed above.

speedyrabbit said...

hehehe Fleetie you do make me laugh!

Michelle Lammi said...

Very funny Brandi and Fleetie :) LOL.

Actually, Rabbits' Guy, Fins are really reserved. I am not a Fin. I am just an Australian living in Finland. Fins are in general quiet and reserved. But get some booze in them and then they come alive. Either it's the booze, or once the long dark winters are over, they come alive and start to smile LOL.

But they are nothing like Americans or Aussie or people from these types of countries.

Bunnies aren't the same as their Finnish owners though LOL. They're the same all over the world.

I have three right now. All three are raisin addicts and would jump through fire for them LOL. Same can be said for all bunnies all over the world I would assume LOL.

Jim is the boss. The other two I have are new. Sadly I just lost two other elderly rabbits within 3 days of each other. Poor Jim went in mourning. And our home just wasn't the same. So within a week we rescued two new Lionhead buns.

Jim likes to lay in front of their pen to 'protect' his area. Jim has always been free. He becomes nervous locked up in a cage/pen. Unfortunately I am having troubles bonding the old man Jim with the newbies. So those poops you see in the picture are Jim attempting to protest these newbies LOL.

They're all lovely bunnies....

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

Jim, kinda funny, but I'm having the same look all week long so far.

janet2buns said...

OMGoodness brandi and Fleetie, I got out of breath from laughing so hard! Too funny! Unfortunately I have nothing interesting to add. I guess I'm just too stoopid, but I'm a hoomin so what can you expect!

SixBunnies said...

Oh, Michelle! Thank you for giving Jim such a good home! He is old enough to have earned the okay to disapprove of whatever he wants! :)