Friday, December 07, 2012


You're too late. I've already
told him all about you.

Thanks, Karen!


Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

This is so not fair!

Furbeast said...

Buns frown when you are sleeping
Buns disapprove when you're awake
Buns know that you are bad or worse
So be a good slave for goodness sake.

speedyrabbit said...

Don't worry Auntie Jane,I'll make sure Santa pays you a visit,I'll go pay him another visit...hehehe,xxSpeedy

brandi said...

What happens to snitches?
Well, actually, nothing if the snitch is a rabbit...

Fleetie said...

I am really not sure Bean approves of the name the hoomins have given him.

An offended Rex rabbit who has the ear of Santa?

Christmas is cancelled *forever*.

(Except for rabbits. Now scuttle off out and get shopping!)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hi Bunny, What is your name?


Well Bean, have you been a good bunny?

Of course.

And what would YOU like for Christmas, Bean?

More treats and better slaves.

janet2buns said...

Bean is glaring at us, just to be sure Santa understands exactly WHO should be receiving cecatropes in their stockings this Christmas..... ....again....sigh....

And a BIG congrats to Bean for being today's DD (designated disapprover)

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

... so that should really cut down on Santa's work load this year. Think about all the reindeer food that will be saved ;-)

janet2buns said...

That's a quality Santa! He's got a real beard and real white hair which of course no less than Bean deserves. Santas wearing cheesy cotton wool beards are for hoomins.