Friday, October 26, 2012


I need a more majestic background.
Get me a plane ticket.

Thanks, Carrie!


Brandi B said...

Get you a ticket for an aero-plane? Ain'tcha got time to take a fast train? Don'tcha care how much money you have to spend? Do you gotta luv-el-ee bunch of coconuts? Are they standing there in a row? Big ones, small ones, some as big my head? Did you give them a twist or a flick of the wrist like the Showman said? Did you buy a coconut? Did you pay a dime? Did some chick have another one and then she bought a lime?
Just trying to get it all straight in my dumb head, Cocoa Nut!

Valsainte said...

But of course. I will contact our luxury travel agent immediately. It's deplorable that hoomin stoopidity relegated Coconut to such unspeakably shabby surroundings.

Perhaps Versailles, the Great Wall of China?

speedyrabbit said...

or milan or florence,maybe granada in spain or south of france the world is your oyster!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Coconut has the Queen Cinnamon disapproval look perfected! I imagine Boeing has arranged for her own private 787.

Furbeast said...

Coconut needs a *tropical* background. Sheesh. Hoomins. Trying to get away with a cheap set for the photo shoot of Sports Illustrated: Tone Your Buns edition.

Supermodel Coconut demands a first-class ticket to Hawaii, personal fur and makeup stylists, and deluxe accommodations. Fork over your credit card.

Brandi B said...

Get him a ticket to Hershey, Pennsylvania. He can stand against a mountain of chocolate. MMMM, Almond Joy and Mounds bars.......coconut and chocolate.....OH OH OH...I got an idea for a new Easter Chocolate Rabbit!!!
Hey Hersheys! A coconut rabbit covered in chocolate! Make Mine Chocolate? HELL YES!

anonymous said...

What a great photo! The backdrop may not meet Coconut's standards, but sometimes a bunn just has to settle for looking down at the hysterically cheering sea of humanity. Personally, I find the backdrop lovely. The bunn, of course, does kind of steal the show.

Fleetie said...

This haughty disapprover does indeed emulate Queen Cinnamon's disapproving look with great success!

Coconut is not satisfied with his current residence. He demands a luxury pile set in acres of land. Think "Downton Abbey". And he'll have his gardens designed and sculpted by that famous designer of gardens, "'Capability' Bun".

And we hoomins had better not get found trespassing on Coconut's manor. Unless we are there to do Bunchores, and are scuttling to it with maximum scuttularity.

janet2buns said...

Of course, a garden designed by Capability Bun would have rolling hills covered with dandelions...herb gardens planted with the choicest mint...dill....maybe some basil plants....and of course, lovely rose bushes. Some roses would be pruned off the bush, and every thorn meticulously removed by BunStaffers before being presented to Coconut for nomming purposes. Who cares if their clumsy hoomin bean fingers get pricked in the process?? If a bean complained, it would be summarily sacked, with no reference.

Brandi B said...

J2B: She must live with the Rabbit version of Catbert (Rabbert), the Evil Human Resources Head. Or perhaps the Rabbit version of Donald Trump (Donald Thump). "You're Fired".
And the HR Headhunters REALLY do HUNT HEADS. Human heads.
All OT is mandatory. Weekends, Holidays and Overnights are mandatory.
Benefits package: All the rabbit dooky that can be cleaned, rabbit fur on everything, thumping for reasons unknown, an occasional bite, lots of scratches, plenty of demands, little affection, absolutely no appreciation, and a lifetime of disapproval.
Request for time off? WHUHHHHHHH? HuHHHH? DENIED!
Family Medical Leave Act to take care of your sick parent? DENIED!
Funeral Leave? Let the Dead bury the Dead, your grandmother can rot in her rocking chair for all HR cares!
Lunch breaks? Yes, the bunnies have lunch breaks. FOR THEMSELVES. You can eat stale pellets and like it!
Department of Labor says you are entitled to (2) fifteen minute breaks per eight hour shift? Sure, you can take a break, IN HELL!
Insurance? How 'bout ASSURANCE that security won't BREAK YOUR FACE for being so HUMANLY UGLY!
You want payment in U.S. currency? How about Binkles? Paper money backed by Rabbit Poops printed with pee-water marks for security and graced with the face of The Queen...Cinnamon that is!
UNIONIZE?? You can unionize your ass back together, Dummy Hoffa!
Bathroom Break? COLOSTOMY BAG!

Brandi B said...

I forgot to add that Coconut and HR are Equal Opportunity Disapprovers, and shall not discriminate against a person based on age, gender, religion, race, creed, sexual orientation, disability, or nation of origin.
At the end of the day, I think this is what really counts.

anonymous said...

Oh, oh, Fleetie, I want to be famous for my skuttularity. I am sure that you have set me on the path to greatness. Thank you, thank you. Brandi, you did not mention university of choice. I hope Coconut accepts walk-ons. I do not want to go through human resources.