Thursday, October 18, 2012

Charles Rosenbunny

We're need to talk. Well, I'm going 
to talk, you're going to whimper.

Thanks, Rachel!


Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

I tend to agree. Especially with Charles. ... and his look.

So, here ... we ... go ... : I also sense that Charles has binders of disapproval and complaints for us ;-)

speedyrabbit said...

oh dear this is not going to be good.this is going to be bad!

brandi b said...

I bet we each have a file. Where do you think Santa gets his intel? And the FBI? AND the IRS????

brandi b said...

Maybe Master Rosenbunny needs a big wet gooey smooch on that angry cute widdle mouf!!!!
I interpret grunts and front paw boxing as a sign of APPROVAL...that's how I get through my day happy.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Bunny - Hooman Debate rules.

Fleetie said...

That frowny, furry mouf, and those drooping ears show beyond any doubt that we have disappointed Charles Rosenbunny, and we are going to PAY for it.

Not only have we underperformed, but now, Charles Rosenbunny must waste MORE of his precious time to chastise and punish us.

Which makes him even angrier!


Ok, my health is looking much better now. If you recall, I had to resign from my job just over a month ago, because I was in too much pain to continue with it.

I got some treatment (FINALLY), and things started to improve immediately.

Yesterday, I started back at the same job I resigned from - they hadn't found anyone they were satisfied with yet, to replace me - so I got my job back, after a couple of interviews.

And the pain is mostly gone!

So I am bouncing back now, it seems!

I am sure that this good fortune is at least in part thanks to Rabbit and Hoomin Disapproval of my being ill! So thank-you, all!

SixBunnies said...

Fleetie, that is the best news! I am so happy for you and for us, too, because you'll be with us more! :) Mr. Rosenbunny hopes you'll be back to making the world better for bunnies soon ... so hop to it!

Valsainte said...

Fleetie — I am thrilled to hear this, as I am sure we all are. Feeling so much better is terrific, plus getting your job back! A very nice compliment that they weren’t able to find anyone to replace you, too. You deserve the very best, and I’m glad things have turned around for you. Plus, as 6B says, hopefully we will get to see more of you once you get caught up.

Say….. did any of this happen to coincide with Queen Cinnamon’s arrival and enthronement in your home?

bunfan said...

Fleetie! Thank you for that wonderful news!
Disapproval is a powerful thing!

(Ijon - love the 'binder' remark, too! Tee Hee!)

bunfan said...

BTW Fleetie - We wouldn't be able to find a replacement for you, either!

brandi b said...

Yay for Fleetie! Yup, Cinnamon is watching over you!

janet2buns said...

I know what it is! Queen Cinnamon was disapproving so hard from the Great Dandelion Patch In The Sky, that Fleetie's illness didn't stand a chance. All those kiloBuns of disapproval acted like a type of chemotherapy/radiation. Once Fleetie's hair has a chance to grow back, he'll be as good as new.

Bill said...

Fleetie: so glad to hear it!

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

It all makes for a great day! So glad Fleetie's doing better! Wow :-) !!

anonymous said...

Fleetie, we are all so glad to hear this news. Here in Texas we light candles for you. I know that none of that is your cup of tea, but it started me thinking. I believe religious sentiment would be much stronger if the famous saying had been there are no atheists in bunny holes. Anyway, we love you. Stay well!

brandi b said...

God: Cinnamon, why are you looking at me like that?
Cinnie: Fleetie is broken. Fix him.
God: Not yet
C: Now
G: Wait, I have other pressing matters to attend
C: Fine, I will sit here and stare until you give in
G: A game of chicken? Come on, girl, I am THE GREAT I AM.
C: Oh? What came first, then? The Chicken or the Egg?
G: Saving that answer for Judgement Day as it remains THE greatest of mysteries.
C: I am not moving til you fix Fleetie.
G: Game, on, Rabbit moments pass in Heaven...which is FOREVER (so it feels) down here...
G: FINE!!! YOU WIN!! Just STOP staring at me!!
C: 'Bout time.
G: Can I get a binky?
C: No.
G: geeeeeez
C: But I won't foot flick you, either.
G: I made you lagomorphs too clever. And far too cute.
C: Rabbits Rule...
So say we all! World without end, Amen!

Fleetie said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

I can just imagine that scene!

NO-ONE says "No" to Queen Cinnamon and gets away with it!

anonymous said...

So say we all! World without end, Amen!

Fleetie said...

Valsainte :

Well, Queen Cinnamon's portrait in oil paint arrived at mine on Thursday 11th October 2012, and my first day at work was Wednesday 17th October.

There could be something in it!

She certainly does look very imposing (if stern!) up there on my wall!

Done 3 days at work now, and now it's the weekend! Yay!

Also, as I walked after work today from the bus stop back to mine, I noticed I was less breathless than ever, and walking at normal (high) speed again, so my breathlessness problem is getting better too.

I am sure that going to work every (working) day is helping with that, as it provides much-needed exercise to help the heart recover and become more efficient again.

janet2buns said...

That's great, Fleetie! The CinnieVibes must be working!

6Rabbits said...

Oh, Fleetie, I am so glad you are feeling better! It was very worrying that you couldn't find someone who could help you. My buns approve!