Thursday, October 25, 2012


I carved it to keep stupidity away.
Didn't work.

Thanks, Jessica!


Valsainte said...

Hopefully Jessica knows how to can pumpkin. It's our only chance.

janet2buns said...

Eeeek! That Bun-O-Lantern is really scary! Once the lights go out, disapproval will glow from his eyes.

Brandi B said...

The Headless Horseman rode once again
Through the forest haunted and dark
Where withered trees have abandoned their leaves
Lonely Sentinels of Misery and bark

To Sleepy Hollow, a sleepy old town
Where there he should find a head
To replace the face of his long lost grace
For there is no rest for the dead

A hero with ears and cleft lip and tail
With one stroke of his sword did remove
The pumpkin gourd, hollowed and scored
Of which the rabbit did not approve

Buns the Rabbit does not fear or faint
And this pumpkin was his true friend
Justice came fast and at long last
Jack the Lantern had thus been avenged

Rabbits' Guy said...

It's gonna be a scary one, they are loosing the Big Bunns. ... hope I survive the mayhem long enough to eat a last Snickers.

sallyneary said...

At least Buns can enjoy noshing on this for a while, after he cleans it off his fur.

DB said...

Halloween one of the most joyous bun holidays of the year. It commemorates the day, one industries bun tricked the stoopid hoomins to conceal there grotesque visages with slightly less ugly masks and costumes. Giving buns a much needed reprieve, if not from the stupidity of humans at least from the sight of them.

Rabbits' Guy said...

DB - I think you are on to something here. Are you saying that the economic prosperity of the planet is actually dependent on bunny trickery and shenanigans???

Marshmallow said...

Bravo, Brandi B, Bravo!! You stand outdone only by yourself!

anonymous said...

RG, I think that IS what she is saying. Don't feel bad. At least you got it. I am still in horrified shock. Please don't broom anymore bunns. The backlash could endanger world economic recovery.

P.S. I just want to know which bunny consortium is dictating to Brandi. Too funny.

speedyrabbit said...

Bravo Brandi B we want an encore!but I have to say that bun looks ready to spring at us,what punishment is in store for us ... very scared now...