Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Rabbits of the Western PA Humane Society

The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society was recently inundated with three litters of baby bunnies. To promote fostering and adoption Mary Cvetan of the  Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club made this video montage:

If you can help them out through volunteering, adopting, or donations, check out their website!

Thanks, Mary!


SixBunnies said...

Oh, Baby Bunnies! Do love them! I wish I could take every sweet little furball there is out there! I'm at my limit with the four I have. Thank you to everyone who cares for these precious little sweeties!

Katie said...

I am killed by cute. And they aren't even moving and wiggling their noses!

Marshmallow said...

Hmm...no comment from brandi b. I suspect there is a white van headed for Pittsburgh....

brandi b said...

Adopt, Foster...6B, they forgot...BUNN-NAPPING!!! Let's go get 'em all!!! We can throw money, hay and treats at the workers when they try to stop us, you know, as a consolation. Oh, and dog treats and cat treats, too. I wish I could bring every animal there home. Even the darn cats. Who would throw away those beautiful babies? They are so precious. How did the photographer get the bouncy ears and feet off the ground so perfectly?

brandi b said...

Marshmallow, you beat to the comment section. I was too busy wiping mascara off my face. I wish more rabbit rescues would submit to DR.
Bill, Sharon, whether you like it or not, your cute little blog has become the hub of rabbit information on the internet, simply by putting your Cinnamon, who is now OUR Cinnamon, out there. I know how hurt you must have been when she entered her eternal rest, and that you thought of not continuing DR for a second there, but we are all glad that you did. You had no choice realy. Look at how much DR has accomplished. It is not preachy, it is not militant or loud. DR is just a place to enjoy a daily dose of Disapproval. From there, so much has been accomplished.
THank you for DR, and thank you for Cinnamon.
Please please keep the bitter bunnies coming, and Hoppy Hour (so I can get better fix on y'all for Project Snatch-Up Dougal) and especially the shelter bunnies. Nothing makes me whip out the old bank card faster than Shelter Bunnies on Parade at DR!!!!
You two, and Dougal, too, are stuck with us all.
Nose bumps and binkies to you both, and Doogs!!!

Rabbits' Guy said...

You folks back there in PA and surrounds - show some serious bunny-love now!

Fleetie said...

These adorable furry little treasures are all super-cute!

I have no doubt that they will all grow up to be fine Disapprovers!

But for now, some not-so-stoopid hoomins need to adopt them and give them loving forever homes.

And make it snappeh!

And yes, as Brandi said, Queen Cinnamon has done so much good for BunKind and for rabbit advocacy, the whole world over. She really deserved her title of "Queen". So many buns are much happier and healthier now, and more loved, because of Cinnamon.

janet2buns said...

I now think of Dougal as "our Dougal" too, especially when I can spot him in a bunny crowd during Hoppy Hour.

And brandi b, a hay bale thrown from the back of a moving white van would slow down any number of irate shelter workers in pursuit!

Spaying and neutering your rabbit is the best way of ensuring a healthy life and also prevents unwanted litters. Give the bunnies that are already here a chance of being adopted. Adopt a rescued rabbit!

Kat said...

J2B - I have visions the bun-napped doing their version of stoopid hoomin bowling when the hay bales are tossed out of the van! LOL

BrandiB - I don't know about that particular photographer, but for me, I just keep holding down the shutter button and hope something shareable shows up on the memory card. That's how I got the Dutchie with its tongue out. Just plain dumb luck! LOL

MaryC said...

Hi everyone. I'm so glad you are enjoying the photos of these awesome rabbits. Please note the precocious disapproval of the grey rabbits ... must be genetic. To get these images, I ran around and/or lay on the floor for five hours and shot about 350 photos. I used a Nikon D3100 with a 18-55 mm lens and spent a lot of time yelling, "Bunny! Bunny! Jump!" Best afternoon of the year.

MaryC said...

... oh and by the way, this is my first video. I used the free Windows Movie Maker program that came with my computer. This is something other rabbitty types could do to support rescues / shelters.

Fleetie said...


You did a great job, photographing these little furry superstars!

There are some great mid-hop, bun-in-the-air pictures there!

I'm a bit of an amateur photographer (though I use Canon gear),and I respect the amount of time and effort you spent to get the pictures just so! And I bet it was a lot of fun, despite being a lot of work, to capture these shots!

You're right in saying that good photographs will help little furry Disapprovers like these get adopted.

So keep going, and more power to you! And your buns!

Share some more pics with us soon!

And I hope this bouncy lot get adopted into forever homes soon.

6Rabbits said...

I wish I lived close enough to go adopt a couple of those lop eared buns! One even has my name!

janet2buns said...

6Rabbits: So now we'll start calling you Bubbles! Yay! *tee hee*

MaryC said...


Thanks for the kind words.

That wasn't even my camera. I have never used a digital SLR!

I showed up at the shelter that day and they asked me to help them find some foster homes. I said OK but ... let me borrow your fancy camera and I'll take some photos.

They handed it over to me (!) and three days later, at 1:30 in the morning, I finally went to bed. With a neck that looked like the letter Q.

As for other photos ... If you look in the archives, you will see Rosie (the sun always rises), which was taken with a cell phone, and Lady Kate & Bunnicula (winter is coming) taken with a film SLR.

Brandi B -- YES. Not militant, not loud, not preachy. That is exactly what I think the best advocacy communications is all about.

I am a freelance writer and I am all about positive messages when it comes to advocacy. There is enough pain in this already ... I don't need to subject my Facebook wall readers to more ugly.

Honey not vinegar, you know?

Katie said...

I wish I could foster bunnies. I doubt my fiance would be a big fan. He knows Clover will rule our house, but with two bunnies, he'd be completely outnumbered. Plus, we're closer to Hoppy Hour than we are to PA.

6Rabbits said...

@ janet2buns: HA,HA!...but noooooo...I'm one of the lops! :-)

Kelly Moore said...

Oh, my word, how cute! We do not have buns but but love your website. I've become friends with Champis' mom (Champis, the sheep herding rabbit in Sweden) and have made a donation toward the care of these sweet babies at the WPHS in Champis' honor.