Thursday, August 02, 2012


I'll tell you what it means:
Get. My. Dinner.

Thanks, Angela!


brandi b said...

Lop in the green!!!! I want ODIE!!!

Kat said...

It looks like Odie's about to disappear into the rainbow behind him. Or is that the wormhole to hell we'll be pushed through if we don't bring dinner now??

speedyrabbit said...

Nah its a bunny portal to get away from stupid hoomins

Courtney said...

Good to know that if you chase a rainbow and reach its end, you'll find a bunny waiting for treats instead of a leprechaun with a pot of gold. Best be prepared! :)

Odie looks very regal too!

SixBunnies said...

I'll take a cranky, demanding bunny over a pot of gold any day!

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

It's Odie's rainbow anyway, not for us silly hoomins. So stop gawking and start fetching fresh greens ;-)

Bunnicula said...

He stands guard at the mortal end
``````````````````````Waiting for his turn
When the road now behind him will be firm under his paws
When he is called to hand in his pre issued look that burns
When he abides by Jack's immortal law
Only then will his fur lips bend
``````````````A smile for his once gone friends
Until that day he guards the fur lined trail
Where to all the call of peace prevails
`````````````````Until that moment
Give him give a silent nod
``````````And feed him from your own two paws

From: Bunnies are Better Than You, A truth; by Bunnicula Fuffybutt

*Note from the author:
Feed. The. Rabbit. One time, you stoopid hoomans! (#142)

anonymous said...

What do you think? Best Yoda Bunny? I think Odie got his name from the hoomins who saw him and tried to say "Oh, dear!"but only got as far as "Oh, de..."

Fleetie said...

What a wonderfully chubbulous bunny Odie is!

I just wonder whether his hoomins named him after Garfield's dopey doggie housemate...

If so, there is going to be Disapproval!

anonymous said...

Oh, Fleetie, perish the thought!

SixBunnies said...

Odie left us relatively speechless. He's too cute to be too dangerous ... isn't he? I love those droopy jaws! :) He probably bounces around like Odie the dopey doggie!

janet2buns said...

Odie was hoping that we hoomins would find some branes at the end of the rainbow, but clearly we did not. Odie thinks that some branes would do us more good than any old pot of gold. There's not enough gold in the whole world to make us less stoopid, so some branes would be more practical.