Thursday, August 30, 2012


Upside: the pleasing warmth of the sunbeam.
Downside: the light, which lets me see you.

Thanks, Andrea and Amit!


Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

... That pesky dark side to light.

brandi b said...

Bunnies with nose buttons should keep their noses out of the light if they don't want the nose buttons noticed and beeped. Or kissed.

janet2buns said...

Bert is wearing the classiest BunTuxedo I've ever seen! The shirt even came with a matching nose button. All he needs is a little top hat and cane.

Marshmallow said...

j2b, you are so right! Now it may just be the reflection of the light, but it looks to me like he's already got the white gloves on his front paws. Or would those be little spats???

speedyrabbit said...

gotta give you a big kiss on your nose button

Fleetie said...

Well, Bert, look on the "bright side" : At least all that sunshine might produce enough glare in your little beady bunny eyes that it makes it harder to see us ugly hoomin beans!

I must also congratulate your on your wonderful fluffosity, too!

Fleetie said...

^ "I must also congratulate YOU on your wonderful fluffosity, too!"

bunfan said...

OK Brandi B. You've inspired me to try my hand at this...

Have you seen the well-to-do Bun, up and down Park Avenue run
On that famous thoroughfare, with his nose up in the air
High hat and furry collar, white spats and lots of dollars
Spending every dime, for a hoomin-less time
If you're blue and you don't know where to go to
Why don't you go where the handsome bunny sits,
Bert’s Puttin' on the ritz.
Different Buns who wear a daycoat, pants with stripes
And cut away coat, perfect fits,
Bert’s Puttin' on the ritz.
Dressed up like a million dollar snooper
Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper (only better)
Come let's mix where Bunny fellers eat carrot sticks
Or other bun treats in their mitts
Bert’s Puttin' on the Ritz

Tips his hat just like an Bunny chappie
To a lady Bun with a wealthy pappy (very snappy)
You'll declare it's simply topping to be there
And see them munching tasty titbits
Bert’s Puttin' on the ritz!

anonymous said...

That is fantastic, Bunfan. I hope more people come back to the previous page and read it. If there is no BB response, I am sure she has so far missed it. I am sure she would want to congratulate you on this masterpiece.

bunfan said...

Why THANKS Anon! Glad you liked it!

brandi b said...

BRAVO and ENCORE!!! I LOVE that song. My favorite parody of it is in Young Franskenstein. The first time I saw it, I almost pee'd myself laughing.

Where wolf?
There wolf...


bunfan said...

What hump?!

brandi b said...