Friday, July 06, 2012


You take me to the vet,
I take you to the morgue.

Thanks, Denise!


brandi b said...

TUTU!!!!!! SQUEEEEEE!!! You can take me anywhere, Toots, cuz you just SEND ME!!!

Furbeast said...

The mesh makes me imagine Tutu wearing a tutu, dancing and twirling like the Sugar Plum Fairy. Except angrier.

anonymous said...

Well, I am happy to see the gigantic puppy dog is at a safe distance. The vet? Has anyone really located a hoomin so intrepid?

janet2buns said...

@Furbeast: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy? More like Night On Bald Mountain!!

Fleetie said...

What an adorable little bunny! With considerable stubbularity!

Adorable she(?) may be, but I would not like to get on the wrong side of her. I sense Disapproval from this bun might be painful!


On another note, following recent mentions of Queen Cinnamon, I just went through all of her posts on D.R. tagged "Cinnamon", and then that final one in which we were told she'd gone.

I read most of the comments people made, again, and tears were rolling down my face once more. What a girl she was, our Queen Cinnamon!

It's been just over a year now.

But sad as it is that she's not with us any more, it is a great thing that she did so much for hoomin awareness of rabbits and their wonderful personalities!

She was a game-changing rabbit!

(I'm thinking of the song: VNV Nation : "Beloved".)

brandi b said...

Oh Fleetie dont cry. You are going to make me cry. I cry over bunnies a lot lately.

Look how we have Dougal and those great big kissable ears, those gigantic feet and his little cotton tail, that funny left ear that only comes up when he goes all Bunny Radar and his completely unimpressed expressionm, like he just found us under his shoe. LOL.
Cinnamon lived a long happy life with the best bunny parents ever, and she was loved by so many people and famous to boot.
And she still lives on, through DR, through happy bunnies in happy homes, through Dougal, through Bill and Sharon, her book...
And most important I think, through YOU, Fleetie.
And of course all the Disapproving Masses of Rabbitry all over the world and throughout the rest of eternity, IF the bunns allow us to have eternity of course....

No more tears now. She disapproves of you mourning.

Fleetie said...


But they weren't tears in a miserable way; more wistful or just thinking how such a wonderful rabbit wasn't here with us any more.

I'd say they were more "positive tears" than those of misery.

Just emotional, you know!

Everything you said about Cinnamon was bang on!

Any yes, Dougal is here to carry things forward, with his Impressive Ears!

anonymous said...

Dear Fleetie, Exactly what Brandi B said. Queen Cinnie is forever in my heart, as are you and all the disapprovees who bring so much to this site.

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

... well, feel rendered speechless, again. Yes, what Fleetie said.
And cheers to Tutu! I sure wouldn't mess with Tutu, but would risk my face trying to steal a snurgle :-)

brandi b said...

Gosh I love Rabbit People!
Not so much impressed with "regular" people, you know, the unwashed rabble, the uninitiated, the pedestrian masses. They have not been "cleansed" in the boiling waters of Disapproval. They remain "unbaptised" by the fire of Bunny Bitterness. They have never groveled at the feet of RABBIT, which means they have never been SEEN by RABBIT, they are UNKNOWN to Rabbit...poor stupid creatures! They are indeed too stupid to know they are wretched. Their ignorance will prove to be a mercy.

My "list" is as follows:
Rabbit People
other animals
and somewhere in there are my children and husband, depending on how much they have pissed me off at the time

You notice I did not include "ordinary" people. Nope. They suck. So says the Rabbits. So say we all...

Fleetie said...

Anyway, it would be wrong to divert attention from this, Tutu's time on Disapproving Rabbits!

Is Tutu sizing us up for a THUMPing, or just a Baleful Glare of Disapproval (TM)?

What have we done, or not done? Is there anything we can do to be forgiven?

speedyrabbit said...

@Fleetie,We all love the bunnies and miss those that have crossed the rainbow bridge but just rember that our turn will come soon enough for us to join our beloved bunns that have goon on before and are thumping away at our silliness of being human but inthe mean time we have Tutu giving us our next fix of dissaproval and Dougal with his radar ears and lots more to keep us in our lowley place,and if you need a laugh my Speedy say's to come and join hin on his adventures and I must say my self life is never dull in Speedy's world.Back to Tutu I think I Could risk anything to give her a cuddle

SixBunnies said...

Oh, NOOOoooo... for a tiny bunny to stay still long enough to be wrapped up and pictured ... uh, oh.... Tutu must have been charging her lazers! Good she was up on an exam table at the time... maybe her human got underneath the metal in time to survive... but probably not!

Fleetie, I miss Cinnamon, too, and I never got to hug her or grovel at her feet (which could not be seen under her bunloaf)... I can't wait to see her royal court on the other side! I'm sure she's missing pancakes, as her bunny servants at the bridge do not know of such hoomin things ...

anonymous said...

6Bs, One of Queen Cinnies noble ancestresses invented pancakes over the bridge and sent them back as blessing for all bunns. Yes, pancakes are definitely from across the bridge, and Queen Cinnies now has all she could ever want. She is daintily nibbling on the ideal pancake, not an ever so delightful but still earthly (hoomin made) pancake.

Tutu, I didn't realize you were already at the vet's. I thought the dog was in the backyard looking through a sliding glass door, but he is just a picture posted on the wall. I would recommend that you complain to your vet about the atrocious art, but I suspect he is slipping out the back door and will not be seeing you today.

SixBunnies said...

hey ... at least Tutu offered to accompany us to the morgue to make sure we get there safe and sound ... could have just left our lifeless body there on the floor in the exam room ...

anonymous said...

You all be really careful with your bunns in vet exam rooms. They can really spring off the table fast, hit exam room floors and injure themselves. They can also spring unexpectedly out of boxes or carrying cases with the same unfortunate result. This is especially true if their hoomins are worried about saving themselves.

SixBunnies said...

Yes, those hard, cold, metal exam tables are dangerous. My bunnies' vet, Dr. W, will come out to the waiting room and see my bunnies while they're laying on my lap or let me hold them in a chair. She loves my bunnies! She always remembers their names and that Luna is scared, Jamal has a "magnificent dewlap," Cooper is "sportin' his gangsta look" with his sweet little torn off ears, and Ding is a diva. :)

Maybe Tutu should visit Dr. W!

Furbeast said...

The word "tutu" means "grandmother" in Hawaiian.

This reminded me of Little Red Ridinghood, as in:

"Tutu, what big feet you have."
"The better to thump you with, my dear."

Moral of the story: Buns put the grim back into Grimm's fairy tales.

Sanguinar said...

Fun fact: did you know Tutu means bun bun in Chinese...That's right, "bun" said twice. Twice the disapproving powah!

Fleetie said...

Yes, also "xiao3 tu4 zi" means bunny, or "little rabbit"!

We hen xi huan tu zi. Tu zi dou hao ke ai!

Fleetie said...

Anyway, back to TuTu's vet visit:

Is the vet out of the Intensive Care Unit yet? Conscious again?

Rabbits' Guy said...

Tutu is certainly all wrapped up in her work!

brandi b said...


Fleetie said...

OMG! Baby bunneh dandelion snorfle!!!

"She approves of me...
She approves of me not...
She approves of me...
She approves of me not..."

anonymous said...

Sanguinar, this explains the famous scene in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar says where Caesar says, "Not you Tutu?"

anonymous said...

Fleetie, I know you are trying to make us smarter and expand our horizons - another reason why you will be given honorary bunn status. But, they have been trying to do that for eons with little success, so...please translate for the doopid hoomins, or at least for one of them. Me, please.

Fleetie said...

I have elided some character(-representations in our alphabet) together because they TOGETHER map onto one English word :

We hen xihuan tuzi.

I very/really like rabbits.

Tuzi dou hao ke ai!

Rabbits [are] all very lovable/cute!

I don't know how to say "disapproving" in Mandarin; I was never that good at it!

anonymous said...

Fleetie, that is so cool! Any chance of an audio file. I always like to know at least a few lines in a language. In case I ever have to give important information about myself. Something tells me we should interpret your saying you were never very good at it to mean you speak it fluently and are a world class authority.

Fleetie said...

You'd be much better asking a native speaker! Although I was told my pronunciation was good for an English person, clearly a native speaker would say it more correctly than I ever could.

No, I was never fluent. I spent some money from about 2000/2001 to 2002 having private Mandarin tuition once a week. Also, I've been out with several Mandarin-speaking Chinese girls, and I practised by speaking to then in mandarin as much as I could.

But I haven't had the opportunity to practise properly since about 2003, so I have forgotten a lot. It would come back easily if I actually started to use it again, I think.

I enjoyed learning it!

Fleetie said...

^ "... I practised by speaking to theM in Mandarin ... "

Fleetie said...

One thing I will say is that if you were to read out the Mandarin-in-western-alphabet (it's a system called Pinyin of rendering Mandarin in the western alphabet) as an English speaker would tend to read it, it would sound totally wrong and be completely unintelligible to a Mandarin speaker.

The Pinyin (e.g. "Wo xi huan tu zi") is best though of as a fairly precise CODE where each few-letter "word" in the western letters maps to exactly one Chinese character, and an exact pronunciation (ignoring the 4 tones which are another layer of complexity on top of all that).

So "xi" is NOT pronounced like "ksi" as an English speaker would tend to assume, but it represents a sound in Mandarin; in this case, something much closer to how an English speaker would read out "shee".

Similarly, "qi" is not pronounced "kee" or "kwee", but much more like "chee".

I could go on and on, but this is , not !

anonymous said...

Fleetie, it is And thank you so much for your aid to the benighted. Hmmm, yes, I will always think of DR as I am sure the bunns have always thought of it that way, perhaps for them it was dot come on you doopid hoomin, but close enough. Thanks, seriously.

janet2buns said...

@anonymous re: exam tables: You are so right! One time when Drizzle was on an exam table at the vet, I was half bent over him trying to steady/reassure him. He sprang out of my hands, landed on my back, leaped off my back and hit the wall, and finally landed on a chair. Poor little guy was terrified. He could have been really hurt due to my (obvious) stoopidity. I am much more careful now.

brandi b said...

Vet clinics are terrifying. They smell funny, they are NOISY with barking and baying dogs.
My bunny vet is very soft spoken and gentle. I usually let the bunny I take hop around on the floor if they want, but my baby boy bunn will get scared and try to hop into my arms, but he also tries to hop onto Dr. R's shoulders too. I believe rabbits are good judges of character, so I take him jumping into the vets arms as a good sign that Dr. R is a special guy. The clinic still stinks, but ALL vet clinics smell EXACTLY the same.
But my house smells like a barn, so I have no room to talk about stinky places.

Isn't Drizzle a lionhead? They are so tiny and delicate! You are so fortunate he did not hurt himself. Just this mornning I was rubbing my girl bunny's tootsies. She is a one year old lionhead and I was just amazed how TEENSY her little paws are! Smaller than the nail joint on my index finger!
You would think calcium would a be a GOOD thing for rabbits to support those strong bones, joints, jaws and teeth!!!

SixBunnies said...

brandi b ... I bet all of our houses smell the same ... kinda "goaty" is the way I heard it described! ahahahha!

janet2buns said...

I have a big whacking bale of hay right in the middle of the dining, bunny room....which is clearly visible from the front door. My house looks AND smells like a barn!

I'm told our vet is putting in a separate bunny area, far away from terrifying barking dogs. She has a LOT of bunnies in her practice, so this will be great.

milktea said...

Go ahead... morgue me! >_<