Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trouble and Max

You forgot to post?
Maybe we'll forget to let you live.

Thanks, Susan!


Rabbits' Guy said...

UUUUUhhh - ooooo. Harsh. HARSH! Come on fellas - we all forget once and awhile ... OUCH.

Shane Price said...

O this looks like My Trouble Boy. His markings are a darker black.

anonymous said...

And watching the Olympics is no excuse, not even for you, Fleetie, you with your front row seats and lost but agreeable visitors to London to show around.

speedyrabbit said...

Boys Boys Boys,Don't you know by now human have frail brains we forget things

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

Hm, Trouble and disapproval to the Max?
Yeah, where is Fleetie?

brandi b said...

Yup, Trouble and Max and Gangstuh Rap go paw in paw. Seriously, look at those mad thuggish facial expressions!

'You better check yo self before you wreck yo self
Cos I'm bad for your health.."

I would add more lyrics, but the meaning gets lost with all the editing such as @#$#@%^&%$#$%. That's all you would see.

I am much more a country music fan in my mellow old age.
I can even see Trouble and Max wearing camo hats and toting shotguns, all geared up for Doopid Hoomin Season-WOOOOOO!!!

janet2buns said...

I am not up to date with bunny gang signs, but I believe Trouble and Max may be flashing gang signs with their ears. We'd better keep out of their 'hood!

Aunti said...

"They call us Max Trouble. Cross us and you'll get Max Disapproval!"

Furbeast said...

Unfortunately, presenting a full bowl of pellets and fresh hay in the litterbox does not appear to be sufficient reason to grant clemency. A slightly less painful and protracted death yes, but clemency, no.

6Rabbits said...

Double, double, Max and Trouble
watch the caldron boil and bubble.
Stews a charm of powerful art
to make their stoopid hoomins smart.
Double, double, Max and Trouble
view the pitiful hoomins, huddled;
alarmed and fearful their voices cry,
"Please forgive us, you know we try!"

Fleetie said...

These two fierce disapprovers mirror how Fleetie feels about the Olympics.

I disapprove.

I am about as impressed as these two fine rabbits!

Luckily, I am not in London, but nearly 200 miles away, in Manchester.

It's all over the TV, the news, ... , and no doubt some of my tax money is being blown on this global-scale waste of cash, when it could be used for healthcare, and so on.


brandi b said...

A Midsummer Nightmare!

anonymous said...

Fleetie, we know you live in Manchester and that you have a really big brane - big enough to be an honorary rabbit - and entitled to a serious turn of mind. Buuuuttttttt, how about some new news. Oh, and by the way, even though the Bunn Nation has very generous feelings toward you, it is considered poor form to refer to them as mirroring YOU. Yes, that would be you mirroring THEM. Anyway, nice thump!

SixBunnies said...

Otter and English Spot ... I couldn't be happier! Even in my last few minutes on earth, Rabbits make me happy! Woowhoo!