Thursday, July 12, 2012


A tisket, a tasket
I just pooped in your basket.

Thanks, Jaze!


brandi b said...

Well, Snack, if someone has to poop in the basket, better it be you than say the dog or cat. Cuz bunny poop is special and cute and rolly polly and smells like...well...smells like nothing. Don't get me started (agian) on cat poop. I just had to wrestle a chunk of it out of my chihuahua's jaws. Disgusting creature.
You have a cute name. I hope it means that you (LIKE TO) Snack and not (YOU COULD BE) a Snack. I might have to "rescue" you in the van if you are going to be a snack.
And someone please get this bunny a snack! How can he poop in the basket without a snack??!!!

Jaze Ficarra said...

He's barely over 2 lbs, so he's "snack-sized"! :)

SixBunnies said...

Oh, SnackSize! Haha! What a cutie!

Yep, bunny poop is not so bad. I'm trying to market bags of it for alternative fuel ... It's about time these rabbits start making money for me instead of spending it all on high end vegetables and carrot juice bars!

And, SnackiePoo... Vans are goooood ... go toward the van with the ladies with the crazy eyes standing by them... there are treats in the van ... I promise ... heehee...

Rabbits' Guy said...

Well first, our bunns have made short work of a rag-rug like that by Snack - looks like it is not long for the world.

Second, somebody notify Michelle over at Raspberry Rabbits - she has a thing about bunny-pooh centerpieces. She might make a project out of this bunny-in-a-basket thing.

janet2buns said...

Oh, he looks pretty snack-sized to me! I could NIBBLE on that nose, and probably the toes.....

Of course, that would mean that I would no longer have a nose or toes of my own....

brandi b said...

My lionhead girl is not even 2 pounds. She would be a snack with a BITE. She is so EBIL! No, I mean it. She is a BEEE-OOO-Tch.

6B, my bunnies eat WAY better produce than we do!! I buy us canned and frozen produce and boring ole iceburg lettuce. They get the fresh, organic, tender and juicy greesn and fresh fruit.

Snacker Bunny, definately go toward the Snack Van with the Snack Ladies!!! We have THE BEST treats in the van!!!


brandi b said...

RG, my bunnies don't mess with the rag rugs in their pen. I have one burlap bag, four rag rugs and a baby quilt in there. Also, the rugs are very absorbent if there is an accident. I would not mind them chewing the rugs though because they are all just cloth, but some rag rugs and cheaper store bought "quilted" blankets use a nylon/plastic-ish thread for binding and "quilting" and that would be a tummy disaster. I like finding soft stuff for bunnies at yard sales. Got a few rag rugs at yard sales some blankets and sheets for the bunny rescue, too. I still have one more blanket to cut into bunny blankies and bind. Jeanie at the rescue says that one can be folded for one bunny and it can be let out all the way for two bunnies. Mostly in the summer they want to lay on that concrete, though.

anonymous said...

Where is Pharaoh's Daughter when we need her? Oh, she is Jaze! Thanks for giving the baby in the basket a home!

6Bs, I am really interested in your alternative energy plan.

janet2buns said...

@anonymous: Snack is down with the "baby in a basket" concept, but if you try to put him in the reeds in the river, he may have to thump you.

anonymous said...

J2Bs, Er, hmmmm, yes...I see...well, I had kind of thought that our story would open after Jaze had rescued the little rascal from the reeds. Yes, I'm afraid what we lose in heart wrenching drama will be more than made up for by not being thumped. With that kind of violence the movie could never get the kind of rating required for a box office hit. We would need at least something like XXXXXXXX, you know. Hey J2Bs, I could really use some help with this film. Wow, maybe we could get the Ladies with Vans to deliver Snack in a floral arrangement with reeds?

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

Snack seems to be an extremely astute and resolute bunneh. I'm sure Snack will hit the spot when pellets come out. Hm, where is the spot again ??

janet2buns said...

@anonymous: Oh yes, the movie would open with dear little Snack being set adrift in the basket by unknown stoopid hoomin hands. Then The Pharaoh's Daughter, played by Jaze, would notice the tiny disapprover in the reeds and rescue him. The only problem with this screenplay is that it would never get any financial backing due to the extreme violence done to the stoopid unknown hoomin. Even Hollywood has it's limits with regards to violence. I like your idea of the delivery van, but Snack is too small to reach the pedals. He may disapprove too strongly of stoopid hoomins to allow them to drive.

brandi b said...

"Let my rabbits go!"

Fleetie as Joshua
Dougal is Ramses
Mickey is Pharoah (Something very pharoah-esque about Mickey)
Speedy can be Aaron
Juicy is Nephreteri (sp)(I love me some Juicy!!!! That big sexy juicy!)
The rabbits at HOR are the slaves
The Spots from Qi Papers are soldiers
Harriet can be Yoshabel
Hannah and Harrington from Raspberry Rabbits are Midianites
And last, but never least, Twinkle (shivering just mentioning out Twinkle) is Cecil B. DeMille as the Voice of God!

Aaaannndd ACTION!!!!!

Fleetie said...

The only hoomin in a cast of distinguished rabbits??!!

Truly an honour! But an undeserved one!

Ha ha!

Anyway, you know what showbiz bun-actors say : "NEVER WORK WITH HOOMINS!" !

Girl Meets Gun said...

I wuuuuvvv him! Wook at dat widdle face!

He can poop in my basket. I don't mind. :)

SixBunnies said...

I love rabbit people! :) You made my Friday! RG can be the cast caterer, since he makes the best salads! I can clean out the litter boxes and fluff the hay ... Fleetie, I'm afraid the rabbit actors' guild did not make appropriations for your "hoominness" ... I hope you like veggies and hay...

brandi b said...

Oh goodness, no portapotties for humans were provided, either. Hope you are comfortable with litter boxes full of hay.
You think this production is going to have issues, wait til we get to Cleopatra! How in the world are we going to find an alcoholic bunny to replace Richard Burton????!!

And don't even get me started on the rabbit rendition of Ben-Hur. You try harness harness harnessing all those cats for the chariot race!

I don't get paid enough!

brandi b said...

And while I would love to laze the day away and enjoy bunny doopid hoomin family needs for me to go grocery shopping. In the meantime, mull over the following potential movie remakes:

Citizen Bunn
National Velveteen Rabbit
Mr. Mick goes to Washington
Cool Hand Dougal
The Hutch on Haumted Hill
Lonesome Bunn
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bunn
Bunn on a Hot Tin Roof
The Seven Ear Itch
Rabbit Knows Best
Life with Rabbit
Speedy of Arabia
Who's Afraid of Harriet Bunny
Mars Needs Bunnies
The Cecal Kid
A Rebel without a Bunny
Alfalfa Madness
The Great Produce Train Robbery
Night of the Living Dead Rabbits
Hoomin Proof Fence
The Greatest Rabbit Story Ever Told
The Rabbit Who Knew Too Much
Dead Rabbits Don't Wear Plaid

Rabbits' Guy said...

...Cat people don't think up things like this!

milktea said...

Can I share your basket, my tasty little bunny 'Snack'? You look like dark chocolate to me... ^^

anonymous said...

Brandi B, don't go shopping. Steal from the catered cast luncheon buffet and let your family experience a decent salad. I'm glad you are still feeding them. Do they know how lucky they are?

RG, I don't approve of ambiguous comments about our fellows in servitude. I know that what you wanted to say was, "Cat people are weird."Well, expect to have yourself reported to Kitty Boy who will lift his head, turn it around, and say, "They sure are! If only there was some Guy around here who looked after rabbits."

brandi b said...

The Rabbit Chainsaw Massacre
Little Big Rabbit
Twelve Angry Hares
Clockwork Carrot
Harepocolypse Now
The Good The Bad and The Bunny
Fistful of Pellets
For a Few Pellets More
The Harefather
Bunns Town
Two Rabbits for Sister Sarah
Seven Does for Seven Bucks
Bunny Dearest
Whatever Happened to Baby Bunn
Journey to the Center of the Warren
SlumHare Millionaire
Rabbit and Costello Meet the Wolfman
Curse of the Bunny
The IMportance of Being Disapproving

UGH! I cant stop thinking of titles! I am off to yard sales!

janet2buns said...

@brandi b: I think you meant to say "The Bunny, The Bad and The Hoomin." You're welcome. I think I may have prevented you from getting thumped!

SixBunnies said...

Yep, just bought four heads of lettuce and eight bunches of cilantro .. that will hold them until lunch tomorrow the little boogers ... what did I have? Fast food guacamole and stale chips ... and a Dr. Pepper... tonight I will have: ... probably spaghetti noodles, butter and cheese, a shower and homework ... Bunnies: fabulous all they can eat salad bar, timothy (crunchy) and bermuda (soft) hay, and a snack of their choice - apples, bananas, or craisins... freshly filtered water and clean litter boxes... No TV for them tonight ... mommy's tired...

Furbeast said...

Don't forget:

A Raisin in the Bun
Empire of the Bun
Butch Cassidy and the Bundance Kid
Being Hare

brandi b said...

A Raisin in the Bunn sounds like a yummy coffee cake.

Where do you get bermuda hay?

SixBunnies said...

Every once in a while Pardners in Frisco, Texas, has bermuda grass hay. I get coastal when that's not available. Both are very soft and make very good tunnels if the hoomin leaves a deep enough pile of hay out for the evening.

kisimyran said...

I crazy love this site - the posts, the comments, the names of the buns. My own disapproving rabbit (Monsieur Púpú von Bunbuns) is currently pointing me in the direction of somewhere else, as long as I come back with snacks. Rabbit people rule, SO hilarious. Thanks for making my day!!!