Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well, at least it didn't say "Hoppy Easter."

Thanks, Rachel!

Oh, and if you read this Buzzfeed article on Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed in You, you may find #15 familiar. 


brandi b said...

"May the Schwartz be with you"

He looks like he just got caught doing something pervy.
Is that a card, Schwartz, or are you hiding some bunny oohlala pics?
Perhaps lovely Munchie mid-binkie? Juicy grooming her ears in that sultry way?

Word verification: hatteri whippled

Fleetie said...

Maybe Schwartz is sketching out his Acme Hoomin Destroyer inside that card.

He needs to be vigilant, so that no stoopid hoomins stumble on his plans and designs and schematics!


Yeah! We knew Queen Cinnamon would live on, and here we see that she continues to Disapprove in all kinds of places on the internet!

Love you , Cinnamon!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Cats are weird.

Queen Cinnamon! Just when we thought, just maybe, just a wee bit, we were gaining some traction with bunnies ... The Royal Slap Down!

Tom said...

Only click on the Buzzfeed link if your self esteem is especially high.

But #15 is wonderful to see.

Unknown said...

I figured I knew what rabbit would be at #15, but that was still a delight, and a great choice of pictures.

And then I got to #33... "Ein!"

janet2buns said...

Looks like Cinny's hoomins got her in exquisitely sharp focus. Even now, her disapproval comes in loud and clear from The Great Dandelion Patch In The Sky.

brandi b said...

What IS that cat saying?
LOL @ acme destroyer.
Ahhh, reminds of Saturday morning cartoons with the Roadrunner and Coyote.
I hope ole Schwartz there never gets his mitts on acme earthquake pills. But he would look adorable in that "bat man" costume.

anonymous said...

Little Schwartzie, what ever you are doing behind that card, Cinnamon the Immortal is proud of you.

Fleetie said...

I have to say, Schwartz is a very handsome bunny! Perfect ears and expertly-applied pale bunliner!

SixBunnies said...

I love that his name is Schwartz! Awesome!

speedyrabbit said...

look's like he got caught with his pants down

Valerie said...

Just saw the BuzzFeed article and I am proud to say that I recognized Cinnamon immediately!! What a great, disapproving bun.

the scarlet piglet said...

Yay Cinnamon!!

Sahar said...

CINNAMON!!!!! Queen of Disapproval.

Grey Kat said...

I was proud to see so many disapproving rabbits in the Disappointed Animals article, and even more excited when I recognized Cinnamon as #15! (The author needs to work on the captioning though. They've got nothing on DR's wit.)