Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Pistols at dawn!
You shall be permitted 
to shoot yourself!

Thanks, Krista & Brian!


Marshmallow said...

Has this disapproving little Musketeer just challenged me to a "uni-el"?

brandi b said...

A watergun it shall be, then!!!!

Lucky has forlegs and chest like a hare!!!!!!

I am going bonkers. I am seeing HARES EVERWHERES!

Fleetie said...

That's quite a disapproving and regal look you've got going on there, Lucky.

No wonder, when you are such an attractive example of a rabbit, and we are but ugly, stoopid, unworthy hoomins.

I'm surprised you have tolerated us for this long.

SixBunnies said...

He is merciful... allowing us a quick death.

sallyneary said...

I am picturing him in little velvet trousers and silk stockings. I will be your second, Lucky!

brandi b said...

To all you Bunnies and their human slaves:

I know this is not necessarily the best outlet for the following information, but this is really the only website I visit where I contribute.

I responded to a mass email from the Humane Socitey begging them to remember rabbits this time of year. There are so many charities and rescues for rabbits, and though they try their best, they cannot do it all. The Humane Society is the largest organization in the country and people look to them for leadership in education and awareness. They should be leading the charge against seasonal ornamental animal purchases. I have seen nothing from them on a national scale. I am starting my own campaign. It may be too late this year and I have no idea what I am doing, but I got a slogan and I have internet access, so...here I go. I will work out the kinks later. And please, if you know of anyone who has a slogan similar, let me know, I do not want to infringe on someone els's idea. The English language is full of words I can use. Also, please email me with ideas and advice!!! What the hell do I know about this stuff?

Dogs Bark and Cats Meow
Can You Be The Voice Of A Rabbit?

Valsainte said...

I couldn't agree more, brandi b, and I'm sure this is one thing Cinnamon would most definitely approve of.

I think the slogan is superb. I'll email you.

Furbeast said...

"And when you miss, which is a given seeing as you are only a hoomin, I've asked my friend Lonesome Billy over to render some "helpful" assistance."


SixBunnies said...

brandi b! great effort! let me know where the website it and if i can help, how?

brandi b said...


Here is the blog. Lagomorphs RULE!!!

janet2buns said...

Lucky will be only too happy to binky on our graves.

anonymous said...

brandi b: This is an effort I would like to find out more about. I have seen people wearing bunny pins that look like chocolate and that say make mine chocolate, but there are also issues of humane treatment of bunns in other (shiver) spheres as well. Doopid hoomins UNITE! By the way, I would appreciate a kazoo being played at my funeral. Next of kin will contact you. "Smooch, Lucky."

bunfan said...

Brandi B. Also check out
The House Rabbit Society - you may pick up some usual info there!
I support your effort - Power to
the Buns!!

SixBunnies said...

I feel lucky to have had Lucky's sweet, distinguished picture to look at for an extended weekend!

6Rabbits said...

@brandi b: I think that is a EXCELLENT slogan!

brandi b said...


I KNEW Lucky was a familiar "bunny". He is my WALLPAPER. I love this painting.

AND...it PROVES that Lucky is a HARE!!!!!!