Thursday, February 09, 2012


You survived to Thursday? Well,
I'll have to take care of this matter personally.

Thanks, Jan!


Fleetie said...

In the great game of Buns And Ladders, it looks like we just landed on "Bun".

If you land on "Bun" you sliiiide all the way back down to....

...You guessed it: A MONDAY !

csand said...

Benjamin, you seriously rock! (as does your "mama")

Furbeast said...

Through sheer dumb luck we have bumbled our way into Thursday. Electrocution was supposed to occur Monday, but we forgot to pet Koma. Tuesday we encountered The Paw, which reminded us to pet Koma, who by that time wasn't optimally charged, but gave enough of a jolt to throw us into Wednesday. While backing away from Stella giving The Look, we tripped over The Paw, and received a hard nip causing us to jump into Thursday.

Benjamin sighs, shakes his head, and goes off to make "special" arrangements for Friday. Be afraid.

Jan said...

Thanks for the advice, @Fleetie - I will NOT play Buns And Ladders with Benjamin today! (Also noticed that Benjamin's pose is almost identical to DR logo!) And @Furbeast, I AM afraid . . . and your bun look a lot like Benny.

anonymous said...

Denzel, Thank you for your bunn's eye view of what was happening. I knew it was bad but had not figured out exactly what was happening.

Rabbits' Guy said...

RG: “Benjamin, I want to say one word to you. Just one word.”
Benjamin: “Yes, sir.”
RG: “Are you listening?”
Benjamin: “Yes, I am.”
RG: “Friday."

(apologies to The Graduate)

bunfan said...

What a handsome fellow Ben is!
And what a lovely way to go!

SixBunnies said...

I agree Bunfan! I would die happy!