Thursday, December 01, 2011


Snoozy Disapproval!

Thanks, Sophie!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Go ahead everybody. Give Stanley a nose rub or a smooch!

(Hello? 911? Standby with extra operators on duty ....)

b said...

Do not wake the sleeping dragon unless you are planning to throw yourself into its gaping jaws.

Rockaby bunny on the soft bed
While you are sleeping, I'll kiss your cute head
When you wake up and start to see red
I will get murdered, and you will be fed.

Furbeast said...

Disapproval: widescreen edition

janet2buns said...

@b: Soo funny! Erm....I mean "tragic". Yes, "tragic".

Since hoomin beans will continue to do stoopid things while he sleeps,
Stanley must leave his face on AutoDisapprove. Sigh. A bunny's work is never done.

b said...

AutoDisapprove: Because we are too dim to understand that disapproval is ALWAYS implied.

Furbeast said...

iHop Online Help:

-- Select "System Preferences"
-- Click "Desktop"
-- Click tab "Screen Saver"
-- Choose "Disapproval, 3-D Effect"
-- Screen Saver start: for maximum use click "no delay"
-- Test button
-- Use slide bars to adjust color, lighting, intensity, brow furrow, snore sound effects and screen fill
-- Accept

Fleetie said...

* Note that leaving your iHop on "AutoDisapprove", rather than "Sleep" or "Hibernate" will cause significantly greater battery drain, so you will need to recharge iHop with treats more frequently. This is most especially true when the "BunBreed" option is set to "Rex".

SixBunnies said...

How can they look so sweet and adorable and snuggly and cuddly and then ... when you actually pick them up and try to snuggle them ... they grow spikes like a puffer fish and feel all twisty and boney and like they want to carve our eyes out of our heads ...

James Lastest said...

This is sooo cute!

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

Me thinks Stanley got it right :-) It's almost Friday after all!!!! Wonder if he actually approves of that, in secret of course.

Stacy Hurt said...

Flat Stanley? I bet he plumps up with disapproval if beeped!