Thursday, November 03, 2011

Our annual DR shirts sale

Hey all,

We are getting ready to do our annual sale of Disapproving Rabbits shirts. They're not available yet, but here's how it's going to break down:

  1. Starting next Monday, you'll be able to pre-order shirts.
  2. Pre-orders will last for two-weeks. At the end of those two weeks, we will no longer take orders.
  3. Once we've submitted all the orders to the printer, they'll start making shirts and shipping them out in time for Christmas. You'll get a confirmation that the shirt has shipped, along with a tracking number.
  4. All shirts will be shipped via Priority Mail. 
We're going with a blue men's shirt this year (called "Deep Royal" by Hanes), and it will have the original DR "Nope, No Sir I don't approve" logo. We're going to retire that logo after this batch of shirts.

Price is still being worked out, but will be close to what we charged last time. 

As always, thanks for supporting the site!


SixBunnies said...


Unknown said...

You need to make Toddler Shirts that that. I would love to get one for my 2 year old son. I think they will be a BIG hit and alot of people will buy them for there kids. Or even make Iron on Transfer available.

Valsainte said...


I don't suppose you ship to Canada? Canadian beans need to be disapproved of as well...


Fleetie said...

I think they do ship overseas; I'm an English stoopid hoomin, and I have a D.R. T-shirt, with Queen Cinnamon on it, telling me "I Disapprove"!

(Incidentally, I prefer that logo to the "Nope, etc." logo.)

anonymous said...

Hi, I want you to put the web address on the T-shirt - front and back. I'll probably have less human interaction when I wear my t-shirt, but I worry about the many who do not ask me about it.

DJ said...

Can't wait to get a few. I adored the brown t-shirt I bought years back, but my daughter swiped it.

I'm sorry to hear you are retiring the original logo, though!

Also, a quick question, will the iPhone cover also fit an iPod Touch?

anonymous said...

DJ, Good thing for your daughter that you are not a rabbit.

Celidonia said...

Wonderful! Do you ship in Italy too?

Richard the Big Bunny said...

Yay! Two XLs for me, please. (-: