Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Alfred and Tuppence

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
Against human stupidity.

Or not.

Thanks, Manuela!


Fleetie said...


That is one SERIOUSLY VIGILANT and SUPERLATIVELY DISAPPROVING rabbit, there, standing sentinel over his bunny comrade!

What a diligent rabbit!

To inspire such diligence, the sleeping comrade must also be a shining example of Bunkind!

Our stoopidity will not wash with these two! We've got NO CHANCE!

muneezz said...

Who knows what stupidity lurks in the minds of bunneh parents?

The Alfred knows!!!!


Tuppence is sweet... like "Al, my man, take a chill pill bud."

Manu said...

Yep, Alfred is the ferocious little dwarf guard-rabbit, while Tuppence is the gentle Giant, happy to chill and let him do all the disapproving.
She loves everybody and everything, so he maximises his crankiness to make up for her sad lack of Disapproval.

Furbeast said...

"...and so my little kits, as you go to sleep, remember the legend of Alfred and Tuppence, noble and steadfast warriors guarding all of bunnydom, who vowed never to rest in unison until hoomins cease being stupid. Thus, their brave vigil is destined to last through eternity. Now, hop into your nestbox and goodnight!"

J. said...

Did Alfred get a comeuppance from Tuppence?

Also love the phrase "ferocious little dwarf guard-rabbit." Very Monty Python (and describes some people I know).

The Fab Furs said...

Tuppence and Alfred, the yin and the yang of bun disapproval.

SixBunnies said...

Manu, you have a great pair of buns there! Those chill buns are few and far between, but aren't they a joy? All bunnies have their own personalities. And no hoomin is worthy of theym ...

and, to J: I just got an issue of Think Geek and there are Monty Python Killer Rabbit house shoes! They are great! Gotta Get Some!

Flicka said...


Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

... I can just feel how my day could slip away, gazing at these two. Don't want to think what would happen if I ever found myself in their presence :-)

Manu said...

SixBunnies: Thanks! We have half as many as you do, though Gwen ( http://www.disapprovingrabbits.com/2011/04/gwendolyn.html )lives separately for now, due to the Extreme Disapproval that exists between her and this newcomer Tuppence...but we hope patience will win out in the end. Tuppence is a *very* chill bun, comes with being a Giant I believe...I don't think she could ever disapprove of anything, it's just not in her nature.
Ijon: tell me about it....many are the hours spent at floor-level with them. Tuppence radiates such Approval, that it's impossible to not get sucked in by it and feel happy. Every day I find myself sitting with her when I really hadn't planned on it...

Sarah Jane said...

These two are just lush, <3 love them!

shameless bit of plugging here hope thats okay!! bunny friends.. firstly we have our own blog which all about bunny diets in a comical way!
bunnynomnom.blogspot.com :) thank you!

and secondly, if any facebookers could vote for Pebbles I would love you forever! would be nice for a rescue bun to win!

Love Disapproving Rabbits!

Fleetie said...

These two pictures are amazing! Especially the bottom one!

They are such lovely, wonderful rabbits; so full of personality!

I wish I could snuggle with both of them and go all gooey and tell them how special they are!

And I remember Gwendolyn, from April! She is also a fierce disapprover!

Give them all a snuggle from me!

Manu said...

Fleetie- Alfred rarely accepts snuggles, but Tuppence makes up for that by practically rolling over for pats. I just gave her a hug for you- she sighed and closed her eyes. Yes, a very big tough thing she is. ;-)
Gwen is more likely to amputate fingers than accept a cuddle, but we love her anyway...
The day they all Disapprove while sitting together peacefully, I hope to get a photo of it and it'll appear here. :-)

Fleetie said...

Perhaps Tuppence is such a bliss-bunny now because she is so much happier in her new forever home than she was at her previous place.

Where did she come from?

anonymous said...

Waiting for Bundot?

Manu said...

@Fleetie- her previous home was almost a dinner plate!
We bought her (as an exception to our rescue/shelter-only rule) from a farm, where she and a dozen sisters were being sold for meat. It was buy her, or let her be killed for the dinner table. She just looked too sweet to leave to that fate...so we saved her and three of her sisters. We passed those girls on to our local shelter, where one is now the loved family pet, and the other two are up for adoption. :-)

Fleetie said...

That is awful!

But you saved her beautiful bunny life.

Now perhaps you know why she loves you so much and why she is so happy.

Thank-you for saving her and her sisters.

Manu said...

Mm, these bunnies were being kept in pretty sad conditions (mucky, cramped quarters outdoors), so we were very happy to get them out of there. (I don't mind keeping animals for food, so long as they're very well looked after and humanely treated, and this was borderline.)
I think they were very happy to be outta there too! We've had Tuppence since she was only a wee baby, so she's come to grow up and see us as her big siblings, we think. Such a big loveable lug, currently teenaged, all legs and ears and craving attention. :-)
Feel free to email me if you want to see her facebook albums, she's quite the photogenic little thing. :-)

Fleetie said...

When I click on your name, I don't see a link there that lets me mail you.

But I would like to see her FB pics, please!

Manu said...

Aha, I had to click a box. Done. :)
Ah, you're on facebook? Cool. Tuppence can befriend you. ;-)