Monday, July 18, 2011


Bah to the work week, I say! Bah!

I have only emerged for coffee. Nothing else.

No, I don't care if the car pool is waiting! Nooo!

Thanks, Liz!
Chelsea is available for adoption at the San Diego Humane Society!


Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

... hope she finds a great home. So sweet, disapproval so potent, no need for coffee!

Rabbits' Guy said...


anonymous said...

Some unworthy hoomin bean better give that baby a forever home and get her out of the sweat shop. By the way, Sharon, I need beloved Cinnie's product line to included a DR guard for my keyboard and a bib for me - did the coffee thing today. Thank you to you folks and your work in San Diego.

Fleetie said...

It's just another Chelsea Monday. (She was only dreaming... She was only dreaming... ...)

Right, enough early Marillion, and to business:

Chelsea bunny does not approve of Mondays. Although a rabbit's disapproval is never done - even at weekends - having to get back to it in earnest on a Monday is not a lot of fun. Dealing with hoomins' stoopidity is not a prospect to be relished. And it does seem that hoomin stoopidity is a limitless "commodity", unfortunately.

Chin up, Chelsea! Hopefully the week will soon pass!

Juliebun said...

If I were in San Diego.. I would be running to their door! What a beautiful bun! Hope she finds a lovely forever home with someone to bring her coffee.... none of this having to get it yourself nonsense!

bunny mummy said...

Such a pretty girl, It looks as if she is wearing a pretty print blouse in the first picture. Good luck, little one!

SixBunnies said...

I had that same look this morning, Chealsea! I hope your day gets better, beautiful, sweet girl! Somebody near her, go adopt her and do it "fast like a rabbit!"

LizJohnson24 said...

Thank you DR for posting our Chelsea girl! All the staff and volunteers at San Diego Humane Society and SPCA love her (and all our bunnies) very much. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about Chelsea you can read her bio here:

Thanks again DR!
Liz :)

Fleetie said...

I hope this pretty girl gets adopted soon.

Is she all right in that last picture? Her eyes look alarmingly bulgy. Hope she wasn't scared or uncomfortable.

Anyway, good luck Chelsea Bunny, I hope you soon find a loving forever home!

Unknown said...

Thanks Fleetie! And yes, she was fine. The photographer just got a weird angle that ended up making her look like zombie bunny! Right after the photo was taken she quickly moved on to a binky party in one of our bunny play yards. Glad to be rid of us pesky humans and our bothersome camera. ;)