Monday, April 18, 2011


Taxes? Human, you don't
know what "taxing" means.

Thanks, Diane!


Fleetie said...

In life, three things are certain:


Guess which has just happened.

BTW, I saw a wild bunny-rabbit yesterday, as we drove by a roundabout near a motorway. It was munching grass in the early-evening sun.

As we were going by quite quickly, I didn't see whether the bunny was disapproving of me. But it looked happy enough.

Anyway, since I so seldom get to see bunnies, it made my day!

SixBunnies said...

Fleetie, you made my day with that story! You must be a good person to notice a bun on the side of the road. I'm sure the bun was happy because he had no stupid hoomins to deal with day in and day out ... Now, Lola on the other hand has been saddled with the weight of dissapproving on a daily basis just to keep her hoomin to the minimum level of quality service ...

bunny mummy said...

Lola must have to endure the many ooohs and aaahs over her magnificent whiskers. How very taxing.
@Fleetie - Bunnies do enjoy being admired from afar. You were very wise to keep driving and not stop to attempt any nosie rubs &/or ear twirls...but more importantly, am I to understand that you do not keep company with a bunny to serve?

Fleetie said...

Bunny Mummy: Yes, that is correct. Although I would love to be a bunny's servant one day, my circumstances at the moment mean it would not be a good idea, and not fair on the bunny. I wouldn't be able to give the bunny the time and attention they deserved. Also, I think the flat I live in forbids pets anyway.

I hope one day things will change, and I'll be able to have a bunny in my life!

Rabbits' Guy said...

There goes the old refund -

Mark said...

Whatever Lola wants,
Lola gets!
And little human, little Lola
wants YOU.

To bow down to her. Now.

muneezz said...

Besides, I eeted your ree-cepts and paperwork last night...

You forgot to carry the two.

bunny mummy said...

If ever there was a bunny(ies) companion and a blog to write about it is YOU!! Thump!

janet2buns said...

Lola had an all white face at one time. Having to disapprove so hard and so often burned a black patch beside her nose. If we continue being stoopid, another patch will appear on the other side!

Mouse said...

Ah haha! Lola's right, rabbits do have a lot of patience, putting up with us.

bunny mummy, I'm big into animal advocacy as well. and my bun is a Dee Dee too. ^-^

Fleetie said...

Lola looks like she is demanding to know why we hoomins think we have a right to be in her world.

She *might* let her hoomins remain, *IF* they up their game and keep providing her with treats and breakfast, and make it snappeh!