Monday, March 28, 2011

Special Guest Disapproval: Kevin Murphy

"Don't ask where the eggs come from."

We had a special request from our pal Kevin Murphy to be added to Disapproving Rabbits, and how could we refuse? Kevin is perhaps best known for his work on Mystery Science Theater 3000, and can currently be heard as part of the Rifftrax team and singing with the Rifftones.

Kevin's spring avatar (he changes them with the seasons) is from artist Len Peralta, who you may remember from the Geek-A-Week project that featured Sharon as Hawkgirl. If you like it, you can order your own!


tfangel said...

That was fast, heh, i saw this on twitter just a little while ago. ;)

He does make a very disapproving rabbit, doesn't he? ;)

Murph said...

I am honored to disapprove among such august company.

MattM2G said...

You think that's disapproving? You should see how he makes jellybeans.

J. said...

Disapproving? More like stoned. But I loved MST3K (and he's a fellow Scorpio), so OK.

And @MattM2G? I think I will pass. Thank you. That said, it seems that Hop should do very well, just based on that gag.

janet2buns said...

A hoomin tries to imitate the disapproving behaviour of it's betters and fails miserably. Lesson learned: Disapproval is best left in the paws of the experts.