Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I got your king in one move.
What's so hard about this?

Thanks, Katie!


Karen M said...

I like how they got a chess set to coordinate with Ritz.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Looks like you got all my heavy hitters Ritz. How about a round of table-soccer?

Kat said...

This only goes to prove that rabbits are smarter than hoomins. We take at least four moves (if not significantly more!) to win a game. Ritz did it in one!

Fleetie said...

Chess BunMaster Ritz demonstrates to us how stoopid we are.


Fleetie said...

Perhaps we should confine our efforts to something less cognitively taxing.

Like fetching treats, for example.

And bun-chores.


Boopalina luv said...

I win! I ALWAYS WIN!!!!

lana said...

BLIMEY!!!! your ritz looks just like my boy beau binky who has been a posterboy on DR twice now!!

KT said...

Hi. Ritzy's mom here. We are very proud of her. Not that she cares. She defintely agrees with Fleetie, on all counts.

And wow, Beau and Ritz could be twins. He's a cutie, if I may say so myself. lol. Thanks for the comments everyone! And thanks to DR! Ritz is enjoying the fame!

BTW, anyone else on Bunspace? Add Ritz: