Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rabbit Cafe

It's been a crazy week of travel here at DR. Bill just got back and now Shaz is out the door. To combat all this stress, maybe we should all go to the Cuddly Rabbit Cafe:

Link courtesy of Liz Gordon!


Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

Totally want to go to get to there!!!!

muneezz said...

Bunny cafe! What a neat concept!

bunnits said...

Oh, oh! Need these here.

A few months ago I also saw a clip on YouTube or TV of kitty cafes, too. A neat way for people who cannot have pets to get their warm fuzzies. Also seems to have rescue possibilities. Just hope there's plenty of supervision and gentle treatmetn.

Citizen Tastebud said...

I'd heard about this cafe and wouldn't mind seeing a version stateside, however the US has a lot of legal issues with things like animals and the public and animals and food service...also, since we are all experienced rabbit owners here doesn't it seem odd that you can just bring your rabbit there to "play" with other bunnies?
Just like you take a certain risk at the dog park, you'd take a risk introducing new bunnies to each other and while it may be hard to separate two snarling dogs without getting hurt it is harder with rabbits. I know from experience...had a Rott nip my finger when he lunged at me and my dogs on a walk-not in a park!-the dog walker lost control of his leash-and I foolishly intervened when the Rott was going towards my dogs-no big deal. We were all ok.
One of my bucks got out while the other one was out the other day-a ruckus ensued, I went to break it up-I wound up with a rabbit dangling off my arm. Much scarier than the Rott's nip!
So... while I agree it'd be great to go grab a cuppa and see some cute bunnies, of course!, I can't help but think it isn't really the best concept.

Dr. Wisenhiemer said...

OMG the bunnies! OH NOes the google ad! BUt oh the cute bunnies!
want to snuggle one now!

Michelle said...

When I was studying abroad in Japan this year, I made sure to stop here. It really is a cool place! The owners were really nice and the bunnies were adorable and well taken care of.