Sunday, December 19, 2010


Up above is the oldest picture of Cinnamon I have on my computer, from October 2000, I believe, when we had just gotten our first digital camera. We were still working on the camera technique. I can't remember how long we'd had Cinnamon at this point, but Sharon tells me she's now around thirteen years old, which, as you probably know, is remarkably old for a rabbit.

She's still very active for a rabbit her age, still gets into mischief, but she's definitely showing her age, moving a little slower, hunkering down more.

That being the case, Sharon and I have decided to take her out of the spotlight. When she's relaxing outside the bunny room, we don't want to annoy her with a camera flash, and winter being winter in Minnesota, we're not taking her outside until spring is in full bloom.

So, we're going to focus on giving her lots of love and treats. But we wanted to say, again, thank you to everyone who's supported this site with your affection for our silly rabbits. Rabbits may "frown" because of the way their mouth is shaped, but I know that when Sharon first saw Cinnamon at the animal shelter we adopted her from, we recognized there was something special about her.

And she's rattling her food bowl now. Time for some pumpkin, I think.


Amber said...

Viva La Cinnamon! <3 Time for an old gal to relax.

AutumnAasen said...

Like a movie star retiring from the public life. <3

The Fab Furs said...

Good night, good night until we meet again
Adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen 'til then
And though it's always sweet sorrow to part
You know you'll always remain in our hearts

Good night, sleep tight and pleasant dreams to you
Here's a wish and a prayer that every dream comes true
And now 'til we meet again
Adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen
Good Night!

We bow to Queen Cinnamon.

Maclin said...

Cinnamon will be greatly missed but she deserves a bit of quiet and lots of pumpkin!

I hope you will continue with this site because it adds so much to many people's lives and my buns and I look so forward to each post. I have the sense that you are closing down because of your thanks to all who have supported your site. If that is the case I will be so sad but understand how much work this is. Either way thanks so much to both of you and to Cinnamon for making a real difference by sparkling up dreary days with smart and hillarious rabbit humour! You bring a smile to my face every day and I can't thank you enough.

Maclin in Canada

Fleetie said...

This is sad news in a way, but not at all unexpected. You did drop hints that something like this was imminent. Thank-you for warning us as you did.

It is a tribute to your and Sharon's devotion to Cinnamon that she has reached such a noble and venerable age. You have obviously looked after Cinnamon very well indeed, as she deserves.

It is quite right that you both should want to concentrate on giving her your best now that she is a Senior Rabbit.

Bless you both for looking after her so well, and may she have a long, happy and healthy retirement.

I don't know what else to say, apart from "I'm a BIG fan of yours, Cinnamon! Make your hoomins bring you pancake, nutriberries, and whatever else you desire!"

Thank-you both so much, and please give Cinnamon some pettings from me.


tfangel said...

Have a good retirement Cinnamon. :) Hopefully a happy and healthy one.
My bunns have gotten smart to where i pick up the camera and they are in the room they start to go where i can't get pictures of them easily.

Ashleigh said...

Much love to you guys and Cinnamon. She is the greatest rabbit mascot ever (yes, Mr. Easter Bunny, EVER). I can only hope that my own disapprovers live such illustrious lives. They all raise a carrot to her!

Juliebun said...

Thirteen is a brilliant age for a large rex bun, so you two are obviously very devoted bunny slaves.

Though I don't comment a lot, I too adore this site, and will be very very sorry not to have it to look forward to every day... hope you keep the archives up, so I can at least get a bunny 'fix' there.

Keep warm all of you in snowy cold MN and give the beautiful Cinnamon some ear scritches from me.

Julie in snowy Northumberland

Tom said...

If anybun has earned her retirement, it's Cinnamon.

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

Snurgles and snurgles Cinnamon! Thanks for all the disapproval. I'm just quietly hoping that you will be able to keep the site going. It's a precious precious place to go to and get above dull-drums of hoomin fray.
I'll miss Cinnamon so much and I'd miss the site as a whole just as much with all the hoomins trying to get on the less disapproving side of the bunneths.

KoShiatar said...

Thirteen? Who would have thought! She looks so much younger.
I still hope you will keep on publishing pictures of other people's rabbits because they brighten up my day so much, but whatever happens now, good luck and have a good, well-earned retirement, Cinnamon!

bunny mummy said...

It is always difficult to say good-bye to those who offer such a positive aspect to our lives but I understand and respect your decision.
Cinnamon and DR has done so much more than offer us cute bunny pictures. You have provided a forum for rabbits/bunnies to be viewed as the intelligent, mischevious and comical sentient creatures that they are. Pictures of buns out of cages, lounging in sunlight or frolicking in a living room full of toys does more to educate than a 'How to...' column could. For that I thank you.
DR was sent to me at a very dark time in my life. Please, please do not underestimate the power of this site and the happiness and cyber-companionship that it has provided.
Nosie rubs all round!

Rabbits' Guy said...

A well earned rest of her remarkable life for Queen Cinny for sure! She will be like England's Queen Mother!

As for the thanks for the site - from all of us at The House of Rabbits, who have learned so much from it, well - Thanks! All else has been said so well in the other comments.

EvaDress said...

I take it we still ought to send in our bun photos-I thought just Cinnamon was not going to be highlighted anymore in light of her retirement.

DB said...

I too am in need of confirmation. Can we plz get an answer as to whether it's the end of the site or merely the retirement of her royal highness queen cinnamon?

Either way I have greatly enjoyed the site it's happy little stop on my end of the day internet browse and allways cheers me up. So if this is really it I just need to say thanks to you and all the regular commenters for all the laughs and I wish you all the best for the future.

I do still hold out a candle of hope however that you did not mean this is the end of the site so a little info in that regard would be reallly appreciated.

karen said...

Have a good retirement Cinnamon. I hope this site continues. I would deeply miss all the bunny photo.

Stacy Hurt said...

I can only add that on my reader which is the first thing I look at daily; DR is the first listing. I also echo the sentiments in hoping that DR continues since 'I've grown accustomed to the faces' there.

Queen Cinnamon deserves all that she will receive in her retirement and much more for all the love, quirky humor and rotfl captions we have enjoyed all this long while.

I must now make all my DR shirts into a t-shirt quilt so I can have them forevermore. :)

Love you both and the bunn.

AllisonInPhilly said...

Visiting the buns has been my daily pick-me-up. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Kisses to Cinnamon!

haley said...

Wow! I didn't realize Cinnamon was that old. Well, enjoy retirement, Cinnamon!

valerie said...

i want to thank you guys (and obviously cinnamon) for giving me a place to send people to show that rabbits are more than the caged animal from their childhood. it's hard to prove that a rabbit's place is in the home on your own. cinnamon has a been a great ambassador for her species and her hard work has not gone unappreciated at our house.

mum of critters said...

DR became way more than you ever anticipated and over the years you, through Cinnamon and Latte and Hazel before her, have brought more awareness to rabbits, and rescue. Cinnamon has made a great impact for buns all over the world. She deserves to retire and enjoy the peace. All the best to her in her retirement and to you as well.

Becca said...

Quite a notable and respectable career- Over a decade, a book, merchandising, international recognition... A well deserved retirement if I do say myself!

Kat said...

Thank you, Cinnamon, for many hours and days of smiles and laughter. Enjoy your retirement and don't wear your hoomins out...too much. :-)

Eve said...

Lots of love to the ol gal! We'll miss her sweet but sour face!!

SixBunnies said...

Happy Retirement Queen Cinnamon! You deserve to relax and enjoy yourself. You've earned your retirment, Sweet Rabbit! I will miss your precious face, but I'm thankful you've left us so many pictures of yourself. I have your book on my night stand!

The Apprentice said...

Jesus christ you scared me so bad, I saw the most current post and thought she'd passed. Jesus.

Boopalina luv said...

Dear Cinny and her humans who worship her, i have been a fan for some time and its always a treat to see your disapproving face however it is understandable about your retirement time for you humans to truely master their worship techniques.
Dear Cinny humans i commend you on all the hard work you put in daily to give us a new disapproving bun and also the love you have in your hearts to adopt a rabbit and to truely understand their needs and taking such great care of her to be 13! i will still check in for my daily dose of disapproval!

Jade said...

I had been wondering how you would handle Cinnamon's advancing age. Being a longtime fan, I had been a bit concerned as I knew she had to be well within senior-bun territory. Thirteen is amazing, and I hope that Cinnamon has many more years of disapproval left in her. Mickey and I will miss seeing her, but we'll still be coming back to see all the other disapproving rabbits. :)

TechNeilogy said...

Cinnamon deserves her well-earned retirement. What a wonderful ambassador she's been on behalf of rabbits everywhere!

The C said...

My wife and I both think that Cinnamon is a wonderful bunny and we wish her well and hope she has a restful winter with lots of treats. We look forward to seeing her again when it's spring and you can take pictures outdoors!

Fin said...

Cinnamon deserves some retirement time. Hopefully there are still lots of disapproving rabbits to fill Sunday.

Moo said...

Have a happy retirement Cinnamon. I hope the site continues to run - I aint submitted the pictures of my own bunny yet!

janet2buns said...


I would like to express my gratitude to you for providing us with Disapproving Rabbits. You have helped rabbits in many ways.

Thank you for posting pictures of abandoned rabbits. I hope this helped them to find loving homes of their own. Perhaps this has helped to open peoples' eyes to the sad fate of discarded pets.

Thank you for showing rabbits as being charming and mischievous characters. I'm sure this has enhanced the lives of an often overlooked type of pet.

Thank you for giving me the chance to exercise my imagination. I love posting my thoughts about your pictures.

Thank you for taking an abandoned rabbit into your home and giving her love and kindness. Clearly she enjoys a life full of comfort and happiness.

All hail The CinnyQueen! May she enjoy her retirement with her loyal subjects at her side.

- Janet

FranZ said...

I don't usually post, but I have been a faithful viewer of DR for a long time. I'll miss Cinnamon, but I agree that everybun deserves a restful retirement. Thanks so much to Cinnamon's hoomins for sharing her with us, and for all the wonderul otherbuns you have posted to the blog!

Bunnyman said...

Thirteen years is an astonishing age for a bunny. I'm sure it's because of all the love and great care she has received. She has brightened up the lives of countless numbers of people, including me, and I wish her a long and happy retirement.

bunnits said...

Beloved Cinny. Take it easy. We love you. It's like you are a member of the family.

And huge thanks to Cinnamon's humans for such a wonderful site that has done so much to promote the care and understanding of rabbits. I just hope that the site isn't going into retirement--maybe a little break, but please come back. We just gotta have our daily dose of DR!

Santuario de Torreciudad said...

Thank you, Cinnamon -- you have brought me and my friends so much happiness and so many laughs. You introduced me to the wonderful world of buns!

No one, but no one, ever disapproved of things the way you did. You have earned all the Nutriberries and canned pumpkin you can handle.

Perhaps you will make a cameo appearance from time to time? Perhaps your fans can visit you if ever we are up your way? Perhaps your hoomins (hint, hint) will put up a gallery of all your photos? And links to all your YouTube appearances?

We will miss you, sweet bun!

Fleetie said...

Having said what I said far above, it is true that I will miss seeing piccies of beautiful Queen Cinnamon.

It used to make my day on Sundays when I'd come to DR and see her lovely disapproving, but oh-so-gorgeous face there!

Lots of love and cuddles to Cinnamon!

Love you, Cinny!

Michael said...

I have to say, with complete honesty, that having Cinnamon in our lives, albeit online, has made a huge a huge difference to my wife and I - and our own bunny, Bizzie.

We've always looked forward to seeing the various pictures/videos and reading 'her' comments; she's a true inspiration.

These things we will miss, but we're very happy knowing that she's being loved and cared for and can enjoy a happy retirement.

Is she planning on taking up any hobbies to fill the new-found free-time?

Thank you for making the world a brighter place, Cinnibun, we love you.

From: Michael, Rachel & Bizzie xxx

PS: and thank you to Cinni's bunparents for putting her on the World Stage and sharing her with us all.

Dustin said...

Cinnamon is an inspiration to all rabbits to inspire to be. Our little bun hopes someday to be as harsh a critic of all human activities. Cheers to Cinnamon!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Love you Cinnamon. Thanks for the disapproval. ;)

Jan said...

Happy Retirement to Queen Cinnamon, truly the most beautiful bun of all. DR is a special place of happiness in this crazy world. Thank you, hoomins, for making this possible. I will now go snorgle my Benjamin!

thumpyfuzz said...

Long live Queen Cinnamon!

LindaCTG said...

Harvey, Gaby, and I wish Cinnamon a wonderful retirement. Thank you for sharing all her crazy antics, and I hope that maybe she'll relent and give us a few more. And thank you for all you've done to help the bunnies who most approve of your valuable work. Bunny kisses to you all.

J said...

Like another on here, I missed a few days and came in on the 'clarification' post and immediately thought the worst. But how happy I am to be completely wrong! Cinny, I hope your retirement is filled with years and years of nutriberries, pumpkin and as many head nuzzles as you would like to receive from your loyal servants. Congratulations on your retirement. As you can see here, you will be missed.

Dawn said...

All Hail the Matriarch of the DR's of the world.

May she retire in warmth, comfort and lots of nummy treats.

From Dawn, human servant to Coco and Jackson.

PS - We are in Montreal Winter, so we totally "get" the no outside until Spring Blooms!

Kenn Fong said...

Long Live the Queen!

Three Cheers for the Queen!


Lots of love and head scratches k

Miss Tara said...

Hugs, love and treats to Cinnamon! Thank you for sharing her with us all this time. May she know how much joy she has given others.

artdeva said...

Aww Happy Retirement Cinnamon,
We'll miss your adorable pics but it is high time your agent got you a great retirement deal and it sounds just about perfect. Enjoy the good life sweetie

Betsy said...

Cinnamon is an inspiration to all crabby bunnies1

alee said...

I had a netherland dwarf rabbit that lived about 12 or 13 years. he was a great buddy! thanks for bringing people together!