Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Leaf me alone.

Thanks, Karissa!


Bunnicula said...

"I am hiding in the refuges of fall from the fail of you silly hoomans. Be gone and leave me to soak up the last rays of warming sun for at least as long as it takes to clean the litter box and make me a salad."

So saith the Bun, So it shall be.

Boopalina luv said...

Dont move.. be very still...we're hunting..silly humans who can not keep up on the demands of us buns

J. said...

Very funny comments. :-)

Caramel looks very sweet, though a bit more like Burnt Caramel, at least in that picture.

The Fab Furs said...

This isn't the merry, merry month of May;

Go away, go away.

janet2buns said...

@J.: I can't decide if Caramel looks more like a Creme Caramel or a Creme Brulee. I think Caramel would prefer us to be Hoomin Flambee !

Danielle said...

leaf me alone.
im bushed.