Thursday, October 28, 2010


"Well, fer crying out loud, we're
going to miss our vet appointment!"

Thanks, Amanda!


Boopalina luv said...

does that BUN-kin look like its moving to you?

Rabbits' Guy said...

The Vet's loss ....

The Fab Furs said...

Love the camo, Ron!

janet2buns said...

"And if one of these pumpkins doesn't turn into a coach pretty darned quick, we're gonna miss the ball, too! Where's my Fairy Bunmother???"

janet2buns said...

"Bunderella is going to have to dance with that airhead Prince!"

bunnygirl said...

He's the pick of the patch!

bunnits said...

Squeeee!!!!! I love the pumpkin suit!!

Fleetie said...

Hoomin shall NOT go to the ball! Hoomin will stay at home and do bun-chores! Ron Rabbit will NOT be turning into a coach to convey stoopid hoomin to The Ball!

OTOH, Ron will be going, and he will be the Beau Of The Ball!

Fleetie said...

"Bun Charming" - by Ron And The Rabbits

Don't you ever; don't you ever
Stop being dandy showing me Bunnitude!
Don't you ever; don't you ever
Stop being dandy, eclipsing all your hoomins!

Bun Charming! Bun Charming!
Hoomin beans are nothing to be scared of!

Silk or leather
Or a feather
Respect yourself
And disapprove of hoomins!

Bun Charming! Bun Charming!
Hoomin beans are nothing to be scared of!

janet2buns said...

Adam and the Ants.....that's a blast from the past! I was just finishing school when that came out.

Ron is the true Bun Charming. He's better looking than any stoopid hoomin, that's for sure.

Fleetie said...

First music album I ever got!

Sadly I don't still have it. I think my sister nicked it.

>:-/ <--- I disapprove!

janet2buns said...

My first album was Dark Side of the Moon.
When it first came out.

Yeah, that's a long time ago.

Fleetie said...

Yes, 1973. I have it on gatefold-cover vinyl.

But not the "solid blue triangle" first pressing, which is worth at least £300 these days.

But my "Animals", "Atom Heart Mother" and "Meddle" vinyl albums are first pressings, and in good condition (VERY good in the case of the "Meddle" one from the year of my birth - it has survived the years far better than I have!), but they're not worth much.

Yeah, Floyd are my fave band!

Fleetie said...

"Run, Rabbit, run!
Dig that hole,
Forget the Sun.
When at last the work is done,
Don't sit down;
It's time to dig another one."


janet2buns said...

I listened to Dark Side of the Moon on a blue plastic record player my friend had. I think my copy of that record died a painful death.

I am proud to say one of my son's favourite songs is "Wish You Were Here"