Wednesday, September 01, 2010


"Soft points are designed to expand on impact,
creating the maximum impact and wound area."

Thanks, Deb!
Mika is available for adoption at West Michigan Critter Haven


Boopalina luv said...

must..reach out and beep beep noise!!!

The Fab Furs said...!

Rabbits' Guy said...

That is not a smile, is it.

Casper said...

No RG, it's just methane gas.
Mika has harnessed the dragon's ability to breath fire, only in this case it's the other end we have to worry about.

Tom said...


Fleetie said...

"... Bun-bun bullets and shoot-to-kill..."

If Mika gets angry, you will end up as a mess!

janet2buns said...

"I hear the thump of a big bunnee
Two worlds and in between
Love lost, disapprove at will..."

Mika takes no prisoners!

Fleetie said...

Janet : Brilliant! I didn't know you knew the song "Buncretia : My Reflection"

Hmm, I was wearing my Eldritch-style ultra-black large Aviator shades the other day!

Fleetie said...

What a cutie - I hope Mika finds a forever home soon! But the hoomins had better mind their Ps and Qs!

janet2buns said...

I hear the buns of the city, they're dispossessed,
Get down to the shelter, get impressed,
Mika's pretty, but you and me
She's got the kingdom, she's got the key
We better give her our empire, now as then
We don't doubt, we gotta take adoption!!

Fleetie said...

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* !

janet2buns said...

Thank you, Fleetie! *blushes*

KPP said...

Oh no! Mika's intense disapproval is betrayed by a hoomin's gushy adoption description on "...Mika is such a sweet boy and any family that adopts him will be lucky to get such a well behaved bunny. He loves to be gently pet and cuddled. Mika also enjoys lounging on soft laps during long movies. He's truly such a loving bunny boy!"

Beeps Mika's nose gently and runs away.

Fleetie said...


Sisters of Disapproval logo:

Fleetie said...

Sisters Of Disapproval Logo

Hopefully that's better!

janet2buns said...

@Fleetie: TOO FUNNY! It's risky, though.....Queen Cinnamon may disapprove of your use of The Royal Likeness. If the bunpolice come knocking at your door, don't answer!

Fleetie said...

I know! I was wondering about whether that would be considered a violation of Bun Copyright.

I hope Queen Cinnamon doesn't Disapprove Of Me!

Christine said...

Ahaha, this is totally my friend. He talks about guns and bullets all the time.