Monday, September 20, 2010


I am informed you allowed the week to start.

Thanks, Vilje!


The Fab Furs said...

The week has only started for humans, Florian. You know what slackers they are on the weekend. This way you can stay in bed and have more servants to wait upon you and be at your beck and call and deliver things to you.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Florian gets up looking as good as when she went to bed!

Kat said...

My humblest apologies, Florian, for failing to keep the space-time continuum from progressing forward. I know I was supposed to flip a switch, but my stoopid hoomin brain was unable to grasp the very easy instructions you left for me. Please don't take my head. I promise carrot greens and pancakes.

janet2buns said...

"Maybe she was born with it, maybe it's Mabellbun." Nope, for sure Florian was born with it. No stoopid hoomin cosmetic could come close to reproducing Florian's natural beauty!

Fleetie said...

Hmm, I did my eyeliner a BIT like Florian's bunliner on Saturday - black all the way around (top as well), and pointy in the inside corners.

Florian looks better! (Needless to say!)

Now as for who allowed Monday to begin - well, I'd like some answers myself! >:-/

I disapprove of Mondays.

janet2buns said...

Fleetie, until we can grow some lovely long ears and luxurious fur, we hoomins will always be merely ugly indentured servants. Doesn't matter if we wear bunliner or not *sigh*

Vilje Vanilje said...

Florian is a he:P

And he likes Bunday much more than monday anyway.

- Vilje

Fleetie said...

I suspect Florian fancies himself as "The Model", despite being a boy-bun!

He's a model and he's looking good,
I'd like to take him home, that's understood,
He plays hard to get, he smiles from time to time,
It only takes a camera to change his mind.

He's going out tonight, loves drinking Carrotinis,
And he has been checking nearly all the does,
He's playing his game and you can hear them say
"He's looking good; for beauty we will pay!".

He's posing for bun products now and then
For every camera he gives the best he can,
I saw him on a page of Cinny's magazine,
Now he's a big success, I want to meet him again....

[With apologies (or not) to Florian & co. of Kraftwerk]

BunFan said...

I know my bun friends can help me with this question -
What breed of Bun is Florian?
I love these Bun guys (and gals) with the built in eyeliner!
So very tres chic!

johnrox91 said...

He appears to be a hotot. pronunciation varies with locals.

BunFan said...

Thanks Johnrox!