Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Cinnamon

Alert level: Cinnamon
Human stupidity Critical!


Fleetie said...

Wow! Cinny really is at DEFBUN 3 here!

Only Cinnamon is not deaf. She hears everything. Especially hoomin stoopidity.

I am wondering whether Cinny's antenna-like ears can also be used in reverse, to transmit focussed beams of disapproval, like RADAR
(RAbbit Disapproval And Retaliation).

Boopalina luv said...

where are all the flowers? why do you keep taking me to locations without any flowers to chew? We're gonna talk about this when we get home.

janet2buns said...

If a hoomin is stoopid in a forest and there's nobunny to disapprove, is the hoomin still stoopid? Answer: Of course! All stoopidity is detectable, no matter how far away the hoomin is. Even the vibrations the stoopidity makes can be picked up by the closest bunny.

Fleetie said...

I hear that Dr. Bunford's research team is about to embark on a series of experiments to attempt to confirm the existence of the "stoopidon", the subatomic particle that mediates stoopidity. The stoopidon is believed to be emitted in prodigious quantities by hoomins.

Just as E=mc^2 (Einstein) and S=k.log W (Boltzmann's famous equation for entropy), so Sigma=m_h.c^4 ; Sigma=stoopidity, m_h=mass of hoomin emitting it, and c=speed of light in vacuo, as for Einstein, above.

We conclude that just as a small mass equates to a large amount of energy via the c^2 term, so a small hoomin mass equates to a HUUUGE amount of stoopidity via the c^4 term!

Sigma=m_h.c^4 will be known as Bunford's Equation if his experiments prove his hypothesis.

Rabbits' Guy said...

@Fleetie - yea - and if Bunford has a decimal point wrong - oh boy oh boy!

Jan said...

You guys and gals all crack me up!

janet2buns said...

Wow, for a hoomin, Fleetie is pretty smart! Dr. Bunford might let Fleetie fetch coffee and biscuits for his research team. Alas, I don't understand equations with squiggly lines in them, so I would not even be permitted to sweep up the biscuit crumbs after Dr. Bunford has left for the day. Can't allow really stoopid hoomins to clutter up the place.