Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Disapprovium is made up entirely of
electrons, resulting in extreme negativity.

Thanks, Alison!


Fleetie said...

Here, precocious super-intelligent bunny student Ladybug is showing us a model of an atom of Disapprovium, showing the electron orbits.

What she is NOT showing us is the stockpile she has synthesised of Anti-Disapprovium, which is composed entirely of positrons.

When she brings the large quantity of Anti-Disapprovium into contact with the same quantity of Disapprovium, the two will mutually bunnihilate, releasing a HUGE burst of disapproval energy, toasting any stoopid hoomins stoopid enough to be in the vicinity.

Ladybug, of course, has developed shielding for herself!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Those poor miners in Chile might be all that is left of us if Fleetie is right.

The Fab Furs said...

Delivery system = Cute!

janet2buns said...

Post doc student Ladybug usually has a hard time being taken seriously, as she is so FREAKIN' cute. She resents this deeply. It may make her more likely to toast the stoopid hoomins in the manner Fleetie described. A resentful bunny is a vengeful bunny.

4H said...

Looks like a mixture of Disapprovium and Ennuinium.

BunFan said...

That is one precious little gal!
Such a Sugar Baby!