Thursday, July 22, 2010

Songs, Banned in China, and "Rabbit Terrorism"

In lieu of your normal DR, we present some of the things that have come through our inbox this week:

First off Ellen Moseley sent us "Rabbit Blues," a song she wrote about, well, you can probably guess. Check it out!

Second, an email from Tifa let us know that Disapproving Rabbits are tunneling under the Great Firewall of China!

Thanks a ton for bringing D.R. into my life! :P

I have been a passionate follower of lovely D.R. for a while now, and I constantly recommend it to my other friends.

Background: I have Asian heritage and have quite a few friends in China, to whom I also recommended D.R. Unfortunately, the D.R. site is blocked by the Chinese government for some odd reason. On occasions, I save the pictures and send them to my poor blocked friends.

Ha! And our final piece of mail is the odd story of a teacher who unfortunately suffers from a rabbit phobia, and took a student to court over it:

A German court on Tuesday threw out the case of a schoolteacher against a pupil who allegedly tormented her by scrawling pictures of rabbits on the blackboard to aggravate her rabbit phobia.

The court in Vechta, northern Germany declined to hear the complaint by the 60-year-old geography teacher, who was seeking an injunction against the 16-year-old girl to stop her from making the drawings or spreading rumours that the plaintiff had a paralysing fear of rabbits.

More at the link.


Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

... me thinks the authorities know that the rabbits know that peoplez would welcome their new disapproving overlords with treats and open arms :-)

Eva said...

Well, rabbits DO want to overthrow the world, don't they?

The Bunns said...

THAT instead of rabbit pix??? THUMP (Cinny - bite their ankles)

Oh wait - Cinny ate the camera cord again eh?

Rabbits' Guy said...

You want to see a Rabid Rabbit - how about Kevin the Apocalypse Bunn on the comic Prickly City?

janet2buns said...

Ooooh, it's so exciting to think that the Chinese version of the KGB might be reading this! Imperialist running bunnies, how cute!

And it's good to see that in Germany, in this case at least, the law is not an a$$. Terrorist bunnies in camo gear is adorable as well.

Boopalina luv said...

now how can anyone be scared of a bunny rabbit? i see one and i melt into a blubbering baby, awwww wook cute the wittle wabbit is?

Fleetie said...

Me too! And I want to snorgle-worgle-worgle the bunneh-belleh and nose-bonk the bunneh's nose!

birdchick said...

Win for the Capitalist Lagomorph!!

ccwebb said...

If she is afraid of rabbits, she'd better not look at the pics here! Probably send her into instant heart failure!

Ellen said...

Hi Y'all, just wanted to thank Sharon for posting my song and thank all y'all who gave it a listen!

Power to the Rabbits!....tunneling under the Great Wall and causing certain teachers in Germany to panic at the mere sight of a chalkboard drawing of one.

....and those are just 2 examples that have been brought to our attention. Think of the rabbit escapades that are occurring GLOBALLY...even as I type!!!

janet2buns said...

@Ellen: The Time of the Hoomin is drawing to an end.....The Time of the Lagomorph is beginning!!