Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Cinnamon



Fleetie said...

As long as Queen Cinnamon gets her tithe, that's ok.

Oh, and some extra, so that she can taste-test it for QA purposes.

Queen Cinnamon is very thorough about QA in her land, so quite a lot of taste-testing has to be done.

Queen Cinnamon is a very dedicated monarch, and takes her responsibilities very seriously, so you can be sure she will not neglect this duty!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Once done with the greens, what will Cinny do with that rubber band? Help to restring her human-blasting bunncinerator shoulder-held disapprover thrower?

bunny mummy said...

Epic nom...and that's just the garnish.

Fleetie said...

This reminds me of this famous pic:


(Hope that URL doesn't get too mangled.)

anomieus said...

Haha, Fleetie I remember that pic!

I wonder if Queen C throws her greens around like mine do if they don't pass the rigorous BunCode?

Aviva said...

Cinn-a-lah needs some refreshment and nutrients -- looks like she's been doing some major moulting!

janet2buns said...

Obviously, the hoomins have not served HRH Queen Cinny's greens on the approved royal china plate. Don't worry though, the greens will be on the floor in a few seconds.