Friday, May 14, 2010


Charging... please stand by... charging...

Thanks, Breanne!


J said...

Hmmm... methinks Tildar's trying to hide a frayed cord end... Go Tidar, Go!

ps: What a perfect little Dutch Bunny Pose!

Mark said...
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BunFan said...

Tildar must be charging up for some major disapproval this weekend. Probably going to be stuck in the house with hoomins...

Fleetie said...

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Disapprov-o-Tron electrical disapproving rabbit device.

To Charge Your Disapprovo-o-Tron
Connect Disapprov-o-Tron to the charger using the cable provided. Your Disapprov-o-Tron is fully charged when the eyes flash RED.

Store your Disapprov-o-Tron in a warm, dry place.

Feed your Disapprov-o-Tron with hay, nutriberries, pancake, Bunny Grahams, carrots.
Dispapprov-o-Tron needs constant access to clean cool water and occasionally, Carrotinis.

Your Disapprov-o-Tron is capable of generating extremely intense disapproval. Please exercise caution.

We hope you enjoy your Disapprov-o-Tron electronic Disapproving Rabbit.

Gaina said...

Hah for some reason this reminds me of the iRabbit

KPP said...

Tildar looks like he or she is waiting "innocently" until our backs are turned so Tildar can get down to munching on that cord.

"Yes, go to work, stupid hoomin, that outfit looks....fine...whatever. (gag) Me? Just hanging out. Sitting. Sitting."

Om nom nom nom nom

Or perhaps that's just my house.

Richard the Big Bunny said...

Cuteness! :-)

Boopalina luv said...

To whom it may concern,
I seem to have an issue with the charger. I never have to use mine, my bunny seems to be disapproving ALL THE TIME!

Stacy Hurt said...

@Fleetie- You.are.the.bomb! That was totally brilliant.

I'm wondering if I can get an iBunn.

They are probably quite pricey; I may have to go Dutch with my daughter on this purchase. Can you get a FreeBunn device for extra storage of disapproval? Oh I hope so.

Bob said...

@Fleetie I guess that's the same brand as the Disapprov-o-tron computer security system? :)

Fleetie said...

Bob: Wow!

I have seen that pic on DR, and commented on it.

I *MAY* have seen it on CuteOverload - I suspect now that I have.

I did not copy that name consciously, but it seems likely to me that it was lurking there in my memory from CuteOverload, and that I copied it unconsciously!

That's freaky!