Saturday, May 15, 2010


"To return human for warranty service,
ship in cardboard box with air holes."
Wait, do I cut the holes before or after he's in the box?

Thanks, Ashley!


Fleetie said...

"'Career Advantage Program'?! Pah! Let's see how far your 'career' progresses while you're stuck in this box, hoomin! You can come out to feed me and do bun-chores, but when they're done, it's back in the box, so you can do anything stoopid, or make the place look untidy."

(Is this a hoomin Macbeth sees before him? Pretty soon, Macbeth is gonna turn that hoomin into Banquo - or should that be 'Bunquo'? No, Banquo; it's only a hoomin after all.)

Fleetie said...



The Bunns said...

Will Fed-Ex take them?

Fleetie said...

It's a hoomin, so Macbeth is gonna need Fed-Up Ex to take the miserable hoomin.

Boopalina luv said...

I guess it doesnt really matter about the air holes, human will figure out how to breath. Ok in the box human!

Helmi said...

"does it really matter?...Probably should upgrade to a newer model anyway"