Friday, March 26, 2010


Ain't no sunshine when you're here.

Thanks, Heather!


Fleetie said...

What a beautiful and distinguished rabbit Bunny is!

All of which just worsens the feeling - no, knowledge - that I am not worthy.

But I might still have to nose-bonk him!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Better take my shadow and leave.

thumpyfuzz said...

And your always here,
Ohh why won't you go away!

janet2buns said...

Wonder this time where they've gone,
Hopin' that they've gone to stay
Too much darkness when they're here
And I wanna shed a tear,
Wish they'd please just go away.

Fin said...

Hi! Love your blog, what fun.

ludensbisto said...


Such a look of disgust... better brush my teeth again.

Carol said...

There's somebunn in the background, pulling the strings for this operation . . .

MontyHall said...

Rumble in the prison exercise yard!

Run away ! ! ! ! ! !