Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shirts are in!

The new Disapproving Rabbits shirts are in!

We'll start shipping them out starting tomorrow in the order they were received. You'll get an email confirmation when they go out.

For those of you who ordered a hat, those are coming in this weekend and we expect to start shipping them Monday. Thanks to everyone for supporting this site!


mum of critters said...

Yippee! and thank YOU for the oh so cool swag!

Dr. Wisenhiemer said...

If you need me I'll be in margarita-ville, looking for my lost shaker of salt. Some people say that there's a raaabbit to blame, but it's not-it's my own damn fault.

Fleetie said...

I am looking forward to getting my Cinny-shirt!

So if I feeling Cinnycal, I can wear it!

janet2buns said...

I wonder if the buns will insist we wear them when on duty, performing our buntasks. Oh wait, that's 24/7!! I guess none of my other clothes will get worn anymore.

Fleetie said...

I've just got my email. It's on its way!

By CinnaCourier, I hope!

Richard the Big Bunny said...

Hurrah! I ordered three ... a large, XL and an XXL.

Clearly, I really *don't* know how fat I am!


[The large one is a gift actually.]


Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

OMG!!!! Just got 'payment received' note and I felt a great disapproval in the force, as if millions of buns suddenly twitched their noses in disgust and were suddenly frowning.