Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Cinnamon

Hey! Where's that dandelion I left standing in August?
I was saving that!


The Fab Furs said...

Where oh where has my dandelion gone?
Where oh where can it be?
With its nice long stem and tasty yellow flower
Where oh where can it be?

You'd better find me another one, now!
If you want to see another spring!
I didn't come here to visit any other thing.
Get me a dandelion somehow!

mum of critters said...

Cinnamon you silly silly wabbit!

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

Bummer. Seems like waffles, pancakes and bananas till spring ;-)

Hey! I know, remember that greenhouse on the way to the park? Bet they don't have a night watchman at that place! Mmmmm, fresh carrot tops in January!

Fleetie said...

...and Bunny Grahams!

Now, who has stolen The Royal Dandelion?! All dandelions in Queen Cinnamon's many parks and fields belong to her alone. Any hoomin found interfering with The Royal Dandelions faces a sorry fate indeed.

Perhaps Cinny should, employ (well, compel) some of her hoomin subjects to go around ahead of her, planting dandelions for her. And they'd better be growing straight up! And not be wilting!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Somehow that looks like one of those giant fluffy Cinnamon suits filled with maybe 12 people getting ready to be in the Thanksgiving Day parade!

Linda/Central Texas Gardener said...

Harvey & Gaby were thinking of you yesterday. In Texas, dandelions are coming out like crazy. Behind the shed, they're huge. As Harv & Gab had their playtime treat inside, they wished they could FedEx Cinnamon a few. They disapprove that she can't have dandelions year round.

Garret said...

I believe Jelly has a reservation for one...The only one; Cinnamon that is.

janet2buns said...

Fleetie: Aren't Royal Hunting Grounds in the hoomin world regularly stocked with deer etc. so the aristocracy will have something to shoot when they go out "hunting"? I see no reason why indentured servant gardeners can't go out ahead of HRH Queen Cinnamon to plant dandelions for her to nom. And I seem to recall that starving peasantry were subject to stiff penalties if caught poaching on Royal Hunting Grounds. Why shouldn't hoomins be subject to the same penalties for destroying the Royal Dandelions?

Plan B Rabbits said...

Sorry to say, Cinny, this is a sad introduction to the hoomin concept of "you snooze, you lose."

Dem lawnmowers yield to no-bun.

Busby and Raymond said...

Cinnamon, you make my Sunday!

Fleetie said...

Janet, well I disapprove of such practices, but a similar arrangement with Queen Cinnamon's hoomin subjects could well be the way forward, I think, so that there are always abundant dandelions for the Royal Schnozzle to gobble!

Cinnamon must remind herself to get it enacted into law, which basically means announcing it to her hoomins, to propagate among the rest of their kind.