Friday, November 13, 2009

DR Hats

Mockup image. Actual product may vary slightly.

Okay, one last product announcement: Hats! We're going to be selling Black "Castro" caps (adult, adjustable size) for the holiday season. Same deal as with the shirts: we're taking pre-orders until November 29th, at which point we'll stop, and ship them out via Priority Mail in time for Christmas.

They're $15 (plus S&H) and can be picked up at the Birdchick Store. And make sure to check out the new shoes, aprons (???) and bumper stickers at the Zazzle Store.


Andrea said...

I would like to make a product suggestion!

...Xmas ornaments? :3 I would love some for my tree, being the obsessive owner of 3 disapprovers.

janet2buns said...

The fact that they're "Castro" caps proves my theorem: Cinny supports the proletaribun. She believes that bunnies should collectively own the means of production. When the revolution comes, all hoomins will wear these caps.

mum of critters said...

Fidget disapproves of no saturday post!! LOL