Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rabbit Cafe

We've been aware of a new trend in Japan: pet cafes where you can have a meal and spend some time with animals (usually cats). Of course, it was only a matter of time before they expanded into bunnies. We present to you: "Usagi-to-Cafe":

Read more at Inventor Spot.


Fleetie said...

So cool and so cute!

I wish they had one of those here in Manchester, England!

But at 60p per minute to cuddle the bunnies, I'd be outta money way before I'd had enough bunny snuggles. Bunny-snorgles should be FREE!

Packgrog said...

At first I could have sworn the name was a typo, expecting that it would be "Usagi NO Cafe" instead of "Usagi TO Cafe", but the character on the sign is definitely "to" (my japanese may be very rusty, but that much I could tell).

Cost per minute of bunny snuggling seems excessive, true. And the food... ummm...

Very fun idea, though! I wish my Pepper was calm enough for something like that, but she's way too active, curious, and particular about where she wants her cuddles. She's a brat, but I adore her.

Juliebun said...

I've seen this through a few bunny groups... It's definitely top of my list when I get to Japan!

Bunny snorgles should be free... if the bunny can sense you are worthy, not like that little girl who kept trying to paw the fluffy bunny!!

Great fun. Hey Fleetie, I'll start one in Northumberland if you start on in Manchester, and we can visit each other's!!

Fleetie said...

Juliebun: I was going to comment again myself, this time on the fact that I think access to bunnies in such places should be restricted to those old enough to understand the need for respect and gentleness. That toddler at the end of the video practically batting the fluffy bunny annoyed me. Not her fault; she's too young to understand, BUT, the bunny was not happy, and luckily, hopped off.

Price: Personally, I would rather pay a (slightly) higher entrance, or meal price, and then have unlimited bunny access.

...At which point I'd melt into "Oooh aren't you a lovely bunny?! MWAH-MWAH-MWAH... [mega-snorgle] etc." - Because I don't have bunnies myself yet I *LOVE* bunnies sooooo much!

Sara said...

Not a big fan of this. Bunnies really require stability, as stress can really take a toll on them medically. Constant visitors in and out, loud noises, and what appears to be really small cages is not the ideal life for a rabbit.

I hope I'm wrong, but it really doesn't look like a nice life for the rabbits. Sorry Japan, I normally love your work! =(

Fleetie said...

Sara : You're right about cage size, if the bunnies have to live in those overnight and at other times for more than short periods.

I still like the idea of this, but as you say, it needs improvement so that the bunnies are the highest priority and everything else is geared around their needs.

Someone on here do this (better) in England! I want bunnehs!

Jan said...

I agree with Sara. Also, looks like the bottom of the cages are wire, which is a no-no.

Becca said...

It seems to me that these rabbits are very well taken care off by their people, and they have EXTRA people to disapprove of for variety. what a clever business venture in a country where people routinely work themselves to death, and companion animals are less common.