Saturday, August 15, 2009

Timothy & Miss Rubus

And then the guard walked
in on the middle of a break out.

Thanks, Caroline!


The Fab Furs said...

And he was mesmerized by the buns' powers of disapproval and freed all the buns and gave them snacks. To this day he has no memory of this. But every bun he meets knows his history and uses him for their own ends.

Rabbits' Guy said...

That bunny reminds me of the front end of a 747!!!


janet2buns said...

"Tonight theres gonna be trouble
Some hoomins wont survive
See the buns and me mean business
Bustin out dead or alive....."

Rebecca Welch said...

nothing to see here...move along

Fleetie said...
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Fleetie said...

These two bunnies look like evil Ood from new(ish) "Doctor Who", with their bright red eyes! I'm afraid! Imagine being woken by these two in a dark bedroom, eyes glowing red!

DragonRider said...

Watch out! Those furballs have LASER EYES!