Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Cinnamon

Bunista disapproves of
your "decaf espresso."


The Bunns said...

There go those hoomans again ... always trying for a short cut. Keep a lid on it Cinny.

Fleetie said...

Queen Cinnamon is looking very determined and firm - and very beautiful - in this picture!

You keep your hoomins in line, Cinny!

janet2buns said...

Cinnamon knows that espresso is supposed to be a caffeine jolt, not intended for the wimpy. But, Cinnamon reminds herself, hoomins = wimpiness. We disappoint her yet again.

Rosa said...

Cinnamon is absolutely right. Espresso and decaf in one sentence is a no-go!

Stacy said...

The Bunista is certain that 'decaf espresso' is an Oxy moron. Which is why it's a drink reserved for humans; (it has the word 'moron' in it).

dguzman said...

I've been wearing my disapproving shirt a lot lately, and people all across the country keep asking about it!

Doing our best to spread teh disapproval,