Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zoo Rabbit

Remember how I promised not to destroy you?
Changed my mind.

Thanks to The Kraus Family!

"This is a rabbit from the Minnesota Zoo. He was back in the Family Farm area along with some other rabbits. He is a mini rex."


Boopalina luv said...

Just like a rabbit to changed its mind when it comes to disapproving.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Right after he gets the barn painted!

Kim said...

As the owner of not one but two mini-rexs, I can attest to how quickly they can change their minds about things.

And as proof I offer the two times Sunki-Tiponi has been posted here on DR, July 20th 09 and April 25th 08.

Oh, and I will be attending Bunfest09 with two of my bunnies.

Kim aka Casper aka Army Guy

janet2buns said...

Mobster Bunny doesn't play by any rules but his own. If he wants you sleepin' with the fishes, dat's whut's gonna happen, bub.

Kim/Casper/Army Guy: See you at BunFest 2009! It'll be a blast!!

ZackRabbit said...

remind me never to cross dis guy!

Spicy Stewed Donut said...

Aaaaw, where're the ears on this bunneh?

Fleetie said...

Zoo Rabbit disapproves of us SO much that he's pinned his ears right back. He is not interested in hearing a single word from us, so he's "battened down the hatches".

Disapproval storm ahoy!

Plan B Rabbits said...

And he is plotting to destroy the planet -- or at least the hoomins holding him prisoner.